New Dress for T’Leia

Just a screenshot of the Seven-of-Nine uniform T’Leia is now sporting! Getting surprising amount of positive feedbacks from strangers in-game.

Also, the chunky fella on T’Leia’s left is security officer Shane McNabb.

And of course, the ship T’Leia is currently captaining in-game, Federation Hermes-class patrol escort U.S.S. Carrhae.

She just hit level 50 the other night so the Carrhae is nowhere close to being endgame-geared, but this is the ship she will be flying for a while until she can scrounge up enough dilithium/zen to get a true endgame ship. Frankly with Delta Rising slated to hit in October, it’s probably best to save up and wait for the Tier 6 ships instead.


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