Swordsman Online Toon – 石雙雙 (Shuan-Shuan)

Just a quick profile of my toon on Swordsman Online.

(Caveat: So yes, I’m ethnic Chinese. You’ll be able to tell if you read the rest of this post.)


Her full name is Shi Shuan Shuan (石雙雙), a disciple of the Emei school (峨嵋派). She was originally Sung Shuan Shuan (宋雙雙); she grew up on Mount Emei and was the daughter of elder disciple Sung Ruo Ru (宋若茹), who died when Shuan Shuan was very young. Smart, cunning and mischievous, Shuan Shuan studied Emei martial art under Green Pine Cleric (青松道人) but he was never quite able to keep her under strict control.

Her adventures began when she followed Green Pine to attend a wulin conference at Shaolin temple (少林寺). At the grand conference she was tasked with returning seven scrolls recently retrieved from the Sun and Moon Cult  (日月神教) to the Mount Hwa Sect (華山派), along with representatives from the other schools; one of these other young people was Liu Chi (陸志), a Shaolin secular disciple, whom Shuan Shuan found both attractive and amusing. During the journey the group had many adventures, which gradually drew Shuan Shuan and Liu Chi closer together.

The group was waylaid enroute by cultists of the Sun and Moon and Five Venoms (五毒教), led by “Five-Thunders Hand” Shi Wuya (五雷手-石無涯). Chi and Shuan Shuan managed to escape his ambush with the scrolls, but was relentlessly pursued by the Five Venoms Xiaobaishe (小白蛇); the trio fell into a sinkhole and became trapped, forcing them into an unlikely alliance to survive and eventually escape.

Chi and Shuan Shuan made their way to Mount Hwa with five of the scrolls (another was taken by Xiaobaishe and the last missing), and there they stayed for two months. As first snow, they departed in search of the missing scrolls, and were soon faced with Shi Wuya and Xiaobaishe once more. During this confrontation it was revealed that Xiaobaishe had clued Shi Wiyu in, and he had taken time to confirm that Shuan Shuan was in fact his daughter. Despite Shuan Shuan’s refusal to accept her father was a murderous cultist, Xiaobaishe was tasked to watch over her as well as joining the pair to search for the missing scroll.

Eventually after more adventures, it was Shi Wuya who saved Chi’s life from a deadly poison. Shuan Shuan came around and validated her acceptance by changing her surname to “Shi”, officially calling herself Shi Shuan Shuan (石雙雙).

So this is where it stands: this is my backstory of how Shuan Shuan, Chi and Xiaobaishe became a “team”.  Chi and Shuan Shuan are a couple (in the typical wuxia novel tradition), and Shuan Shuan and Xiaobaishe are friendly rivals, who are gradually warming up to each other (or maybe they are half-sisters? Romantic rivals? Who knows?).

How is that for a background?


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