Cryptic and their customers

While I still consider myself a newbie to the world of MMOs and STO in particular, I have noticed that the official forums for Star Trek Online tend to be negative in the extreme. Most threads are either (A) DOOOOOOM, (B) Cryptic sucks, (C) I want this, and I WANT IT NOW, (D) You don’t know what you’re talking about because you’re a n00b. In other words, fairly standard fare for online forums. 😀

But Cryptic introduced a couple of new things in the last week or so, which makes even me wonder about how well they know their customers.

The first is this ship here:


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No Level 60s for some Toons

For the last three weeks I’ve been hammering away at STO, and I finally got all four of my main toons to level 60 a few days ago. None of them has gone through the entire Delta Rising story missions yet; in fact, Dragon’s Deceit is up next for all of them.

However this post isn’t about them; this is about the two oddball toons that didn’t make it to level 60. In fact, neither of them ever stepped foot in the Delta Quadrant, and neither has an endgame ship nor the gear for it. But they are oddballs, and I’m fond of them because of their oddities. Today they get their spotlights!

Kala Kendris (Bajoran Engineer)


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