No Level 60s for some Toons

For the last three weeks I’ve been hammering away at STO, and I finally got all four of my main toons to level 60 a few days ago. None of them has gone through the entire Delta Rising story missions yet; in fact, Dragon’s Deceit is up next for all of them.

However this post isn’t about them; this is about the two oddball toons that didn’t make it to level 60. In fact, neither of them ever stepped foot in the Delta Quadrant, and neither has an endgame ship nor the gear for it. But they are oddballs, and I’m fond of them because of their oddities. Today they get their spotlights!

Kala Kendris (Bajoran Engineer)


First up is Kala Kendris, a Bajoran engineer who started out as a butch amazon with a white buzzcut. Now she looks kinda like Wonder Woman. ūüėČ She currently flies an Ambassador class support cruiser retrofit – the USS Castile, with middling¬†gear that my other toons throw her way (mostly greens and blues). Needless to say, neither she nor her ship is particular tough in battle.

Kala is my newest toon, and the next story mission for her is “Fistful of Gorn” on Nimbus. Be that as it may, she’s currently level 55 — she leveled almost entirely on Doff assignments! In my mind she’s probably part of the “home fleet”, mainly patrolling and running errands within the Federation, with an older ship and standard fleet technologies. I’ve taken the USS Castile to one or two STFs (especially the recent Mirror events), and my god it was painful. XD I love cruisers, but the USS Castile can’t tank very well, doesn’t have nearly enough firepower, and is constantly running low on power (with 7¬†beam arrays). The only cruiser thing it does well, is turn like a brick. ūüėÄ ¬†I don’t think Kala is high enough on my list to ever get her own endgame ship, but it’s fun to have a character who isn’t the star of the show, someone who just does her job quietly.

Technically I could claim a T6 Phantom for her, but I stuck with the Ambassador mainly because I like the traditional aesthetic of the ship. If I wanted to fly a Phantom, I’d play¬†T’Leia.

Congilla (Ape Tactical Officer)


The second toon is this guy: Tactical Commander¬†Congilla (he’s a General in the wonky game rank, but in my mind he’s a commander). I don’t know if the attached picture is clear enough to see, but Congilla is a chimpanzee (a vicious one at that). Not only that, but most of his bridge crew are fellow simians: from left to right, the femme orang-tuan Ook-Ook, the crazed security Capuchin Bonogogo, chief engineer Caesar the Gorilla, and¬†female macaque Zira. Yes, I had fun messing with character customization with this bunch! And I love monkeys, what can I say?

Congilla and his crew came from a distant Klingon-aligned planet… a Planet of the Apes, of course! Someone in my fleet said this bunch is non-canon — well, maybe not, but really, why can’t there be a planet inhabited by ape-like creatures in the Trek universe? There are everything from cat-people to lizard-people to insect-people, but people can’t accept apes? Chimps and bonobos share 99% of their DNA with¬†humans, after all, it’s not that far a leap to think the great apes would be¬†a viable alternative to humans to become their planet’s dominant lifeforms.

Anyhow, the elite Monkey Patrol flies around in a C’hTang Bird-of-Prey (the free ship you get at level 40). It’s not top-end-geared, but still considerably better than Kala’s cruiser: Mk XII purple disruptor dual-cannons and dual heavies, Mk XII purple turrets and a quantum torpedo launcher in the back. Deflector, shields, warp core and impulse engines are various random Mk XII purples (no sets, no fleet), and mainly blue/green consoles. The thing is fragile, but I love how maneuverable it is, and it kills the mirror frigates much, much quicker than the USS Castile.

The Bird-of-Prey is named the IKS Zaius, in honor of a particularly famous leader of their homeworld. Shhhhh.

Congilla is currently level 56, and I believe he stopped just short of the Dominion story missions; maybe I’ll go back at some point to push him forward, but right now that’s a low priority. The new Mat’Ha Raptor looks like a promising endgame ship for Congilla and his posse, but I’m also hoping a T6 Bird-of-Prey will eventually come along so I can get that for him. One day!


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