Heidy in Wonderland

The Q’s Wonderland Winter Event is currently in full swing, and I thought this is a good opportunity to show off what activities are available as well as put a little bit of a spotlight of this blog’s namesake, my main Fed toon Heidy. And here she is!


Now I will say I absolutely loved the summer event. Risa was very much a part of Trek lore, and I personally love the beach, the sun, the tropics, so the summer event hit all the right spots for me. The winter event is less attractive for me, because I’m less enamored of winter sports and… it’s not very Trek-y. It feels more like a fantasy game than Star Trek, so it took me a few days to warm up to it. You can’t deny it’s a fun little diversion though, away from the usual daily grind. It doesn’t hurt that doing the various activities also yields several rewards, from winter costume items, pets to actual useful items such as kit modules and even some free Breen ships! So I let Heidy go and experience my first trip to Q’s Winter Wonderland.

And since going to a winter playground on her own is boring, Heidy invited her best friend and Academy roomie Vohra along for the ride. Vohra is Fungi’s toon and Heidy’s most frequent mission partner, so of course she’s Heidy’s travel-mate.


Here we are, arriving at Q’s Winter Wonderland! While Vohra looks on, Heidy is trying to decide whether their tour-guide is a new alien species or a tasty treat. Maybe both.


And there’s Q himself. He looks a little different than how Heidy remembers him.

2014-12-09_00016 2014-12-09_00017

Heidy takes a picture with a fat Breen, who then proceeds to let Heidy stuff her face with PIES. All sorts of pies!

2014-12-09_00007 2014-12-09_00006

There’s a nice frozen lake near Q’s gazebo. Heidy and Vohra put on their brand new frosted boots to try out some ice-skating.

2014-12-09_00005 2014-12-09_00003

Heidy tries out some fancy figure-skating techniques on the ice. Wheeeee!

2014-12-09_00025 2014-12-09_00024

Heidy facing off against a horde of Snow Klingons. Qapla!

2014-12-09_00020 2014-12-09_00021

Heidy does the race! Doing this race 25 times will get you the brand new T6 Breen carrier. Not only do you have to beat a random NPC contestant, you have to make sure you don’t slide off-track either. It can be very frustrating to do at first, but once you get the hang of it it’s not difficult to complete.

2014-12-09_00029 2014-12-09_00030

Tides of Ice, an hourly event where you try to defend an ice fortress from an invading horde of Borg snowmen. Heidy is in front of the fortress with her dual snow-shooting guns, getting ready to kick some snow-ass, while Vohra does a kneeling slide in the left picture.

 2014-12-09_00035 2014-12-09_00032 2014-12-09_000412014-12-09_00037

Fighting the horde! Pew pew pew.


Oh no! Heidy got overwhelmed and frozen. Brrrrrrrr.


Ice Borg Queen has arrived! Everyone converge and kick her ass!


We won! Heidy and Vohra posing with some of the other heroes of the snow invasion.

2014-12-09_00054 2014-12-09_00056

Heidy starts to feel a bit underdressed for the weather, so decided to try on a winter jacket. She’s not sure why she still feels cold.


As a parting gift, Q turned Heidy into… this. Really, Q?

Hope you enjoy the little winter tour with Heidy and Vohra!


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