Goodbye, Mister Spock…

February 27, 2015: today comes the sad news of Leonard Nimoy’s passing.

I didn’t grow up watching Star Trek TOS, but Spock is still the one character who will define the Star Trek franchise, and Leonard Nimoy made and owned the Spock character. I never watched the entire run of the TOS like many Trek fans, but that doesn’t mean I don’t feel an affinity for Spock and Leonard Nimoy. Mister Nimoy’s passing is a great loss, not only for Trek fans, but a great many people who were inspired by Star Trek.

I can’t deny that I am greatly saddened by this news; it’s difficult to imagine a world without Mr. Spock. The silver lining is Mr. Nimoy will always be remembered as a legend, in the history of Star Trek, the entertainment world, and public consciousness, as he should be. May he rest in peace.