Goodbye, Mister Spock…

February 27, 2015: today comes the sad news of Leonard Nimoy’s passing.

I didn’t grow up watching Star Trek TOS, but Spock is still the one character who will define the Star Trek franchise, and Leonard Nimoy made and owned the Spock character. I never watched the entire run of the TOS like many Trek fans, but that doesn’t mean I don’t feel an affinity for Spock and Leonard Nimoy. Mister Nimoy’s passing is a great loss, not only for Trek fans, but a great many people who were inspired by Star Trek.

I can’t deny that I am greatly saddened by this news; it’s difficult to imagine a world without Mr. Spock. The silver lining is Mr. Nimoy will always be remembered as a legend, in the history of Star Trek, the entertainment world, and public consciousness, as he should be. May he rest in peace.


8 thoughts on “Goodbye, Mister Spock…

  1. Very well said, Heidy. I’m a crusty old Trekker and veteran of the original series, ever since I watched reruns of it as a little kid in the ’70s. So Mr. Nimoy’s passing deeply affected me.

    Even tho I never knew him personally, I nonetheless grew up with his presence kind of in the background because I was such a huge Trek fan and whether he was playing Spock or not, somehow he had this way of making you want to listen to what he had to say. His voice and mannerisms had this certain… (trying to think of the word)… gravitas to them that made you think, “This is important and interesting and I want to listen to this.” I kinda feel like Luke in Star Wars, right after Obi-Wan “became one with the Force,” saying, “I can’t believe he’s gone.” But I know that a man this great can never truly die.

    He was such a genius in so many ways, not just in acting. Anyway, I’m rambling. Thank you for honoring him with this beautifully-written post. πŸ™‚

    Live long & prosper.

    PS: I play STO too (been playing it off and on for 3 years), just not quite as often as I used to these days due to work and stuff. Next time you’re on, feel free to hit me up. My main toon is A.J. Kirk@jaywest21. PEACE

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    1. Thank you for reading and commenting. I read many tributes to Leonard Nimoy since his passing, but I felt I need to say something myself to express the loss I feel.

      I actually went to Vulcan on STO for three nights straight, and paid silent respect to Mr. Nimoy along with many other players. Except the part where some clown ran around blowing balloons, it was quite a touching scene.

      I will try to see if I can catch you in-game some time!

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      1. Hi STOHeidy,

        I went to Vulcan that same day, right after Mr. Nimoy passed on, and several times after that too. It was touching to see the sheer number of players who came to pay their respects. There must’ve been hundreds of them when I went there, and for the most part it was very dignified and respectful (despite the trolls unfortunately being there too, who really deserve a permanent ban for their disrespect).

        I like the memorials they put up on Vulcan and New Romulus too. They did a great job on them.


    2. Incidentally, I am not too sure how the Search function on STO works; it seems like it only searches for players who are currently connected, and doesn’t allow me to simply add your handle as a friend so it notifies me when you log on.
      Anyway, my main toon is (unsurprisingly) Heidy@heidyvonbach.

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      1. Basically you just go to the “Social” tab and it’ll open the window that lets you find fleets and individual players, then click on the “Search” tab on the far right. But that’ll only help you find players who are in that zone at that time.

        If you’ve added someone as a friend, they’ll show up in your “Find Friends” tab and it’ll show their status, whether they’re on or not. I’ll just go ahead and log in and add you so it’ll save you the trouble of looking for me. πŸ™‚

        I was on STO briefly last night but was just too tired to stay on for long. I was working overtime this whole weekend. My next pay statement should look pretty nice, tho. πŸ˜‰ So it was worth it.


  2. Oh, I just remembered:

    Actually, it’s just called the “Friends” tab (my bad, sorry).

    You can also bring it up by pressing the O key.

    To add someone as a friend who’s not currently on, go to the chat window and click on the chat settings button. It’ll open a menu that’ll show “Friends” (right above “Emotes”). Click on “Friends” to open the Friends window and there’ll be an “Add” button in the lower right-hand corner. Type in the person’s name and then click “Add” to add them. Then it should say “Friend request sent to @_____ (their name).”

    I just sent you a friend request so next time you log in, it should be there.


      1. I was on last night and saw that you added me, thank you! (^_^)

        I’m usually on at nights too, so that’s actually a good thing and you _will_ probably catch me in game at some point, especially on the weekends when I’m off work and hopefully not too tired. They’re about to re-do the whole galaxy map (no more sector blocks! yay!) and add some new material soon (Season 10), so things are about to get interesting in there.

        I’m going to try to be on more often cause I want to play the upcoming new episodes and learn what this new “Delta Recruit” thing is all about.


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