Winter is Coming

game-of-thrones-banner-578x200I realize I started this log to talk about MMORPGs, and Star Trek Online specifically… but I just need to say how awesome Game of Thrones is. It is phenomenal. It is breathtaking. It is epic. It is addictive. After doing a GoT marathon over Christmas, I couldn’t wait for Season 5. And oh my god, the wait was brutal.

I was playing online with my friends last Sunday night; all of us were so excited for the Season Premiere, that half an hour before show time, everyone bailed out of the game to get set.

The last season ended with several cliffhangers: Jon Snow and the Night Watch were reinforced by Stannis Baratheon and repelled Mance’s wildling army. Daenerys was losing control of her dragons. Arya was heading east by boat, towards Braavos. The Hound… is he dead? Littlefinger murdered Lysa Arryn. The Red Wedding. And of course, Tyrion committed patricide against Tywin Lannister, and had to be smuggled out of King’s Landing by boat with Varys along for the ride.

So many threads. So many questions.

The Premiere was good. It set up the rest of the season nicely, but it couldn’t address all the dangling plot threads. There was no dead space in the episode — they didn’t have the luxury (maybe except the opening sequence, which was a bit baffling). The episode moved so quickly it didn’t feel like an hour long. And now? I want more. MORE. MORE.

I’m sure I’m not alone.


2 thoughts on “Winter is Coming

  1. I loveeee Game of Thrones! Have you read the books too? The last season was to me a little dark (the parts with Reek were drawn on so long it made me uncomfortable), but other than that it’s probably one of my favorite shows.


  2. I read the first two books, but not the rest. I read both while on vacation at a Cancun resort, so my recollection of the books is all a bit hazy. 😉

    I totally agree though! The drawn-out, graphic tortures of Reek was too much, it got a wee bit beyond tastefulness. Be that as it may, it’s still my favorite show! Too bad we have to wait a whole year for the next season. x_x


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