Summer Event 2015

Remarkably, the STO Summer event on Risa is again upon us. It’s remarkable because I really enjoyed it last year, but it also means I’ve been playing STO for over a year now. Time flies! Also, aren’t we in the middle of the Iconian War? I guess even when you are fighting for the galaxy’s survival, you still need a vacation to a tropical resort. 😉


Like past events, there will be a new ship, this time a Ferengi ship which should really please all the Ferengi toons out there who can’t afford a Marauder. The T6 Nandi design is, fortunately, aptly Ferengi, although the ship trait is a bit of an oddball one; I don’t think many of my toons will benefit from it with the exception of Heidy. The cosmetic items include a bunch of Hawaiian shirts and some shorts; I’m not sure whether these are “off-duty” or “Risa only” clothes, but I’m not holding my breath on that. There is also a new vanity pet that looks rather cute, although I’ll admit pets never really appealed to me so I can take or leave that. The best part is the rate of earning favor has increased, which means less grinding time and more time just enjoying the beach. Win!


All that side, I am looking forward to the Summer event; the Risian summer resort is remarkably well-rendered and constructed, easily one of the best locations on STO. The activities are fun, and I love the floaters and powerboards. It’s a testament to Cryptic’s efforts that I actually get a rush of ‘vacation mood’ whenever I beam down to the resort.

I am definitely going to spend some time on Risa during the event, especially considering the fact that I haven’t created T’Leia or Kala during the last event, so neither of them has any of the Risian outfits or goodies. Hopefully I will see some of you out that way!


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