Space Barbie 2015

The 2015 Summer Event is in full swing now, and I’ve been grinding away for Favor to get some of the Risian goodies. My original intent is to focus on summer fun for my Fed girls, but R’Jal just couldn’t resist all those galactic hotties gathered in one spot. 😉 Having gotten some of the summer items now, I’ve been playing a bit of Space Barbie, trying out different summer outfits for the vacationing toons.

2015-06-04_00011 2015-06-09_00010

Here we have Heidy in her tropical yellow and black bikini, which I have already posted pictures of in my last entry. As my Fed main Heidy is also my designated Dance-Partier as well as Jetpacker (grinding for the Ferengi Nandi). I must be doing something right with her because I have had several guys PM me about her looks; Fungi even said one time guys were stopping to check her out. 😉 Hey, it’s nice to be noticed!

The second picture shows the beachcomber costume, which is great because it’s an off-duty outfit rather than a beach one (meaning it can be worn off Risa). Next to Heidy there is Tikini, Fungi’s half-Romulan toon who happens to be R’Jal’s daughter.

2015-06-09_00007 2015-06-09_00008

I haven’t spotlighted T’Leia in a while since I started this blog, but yes she’s been spending time on Risa too. Here she is in her new “punk” look; it’s as illogical as you can get, but c’mon, Vulcans dancing wildly at a tropical resort is already illogical. At least she stops dying her hair when she’s off Risa. The second picture is a “Tomb Raider” look I’m going to try out for T’Leia. I am not sure if it’s a glitch that allows certain swimwear tops to be available under “Off-Duty” outfits, but while it’s available I try to take advantage of it.

2015-06-09_00003And here is Kala Kendris rocking her suit and doing her best Baywatch impression. Not too bad, huh?

2015-06-08_00001 2015-06-08_00005Last but not least, R’Jal joined the fun on Risa… he looks utterly ridiculous, but he does look like he’s enjoying himself, doesn’t he? 🙂 His accomplice in the pictures is Nayra, Fungi’s primary KDF toon (the one with a thousand faces). The second picture is R’Jal playing assassin on an unsuspecting victim. Then again, if that’s what retirement looks like, I think R’Jal may just start calculating the pension he’ll be collecting from the Republic Navy.


Unrelated to the Risian outfits, I recently got the Iconian Ground set for Heidy and tried out the costume. It’s got a bit of a Tron/Metroid hybrid going on there, definitely not very Trek-y, but I still kinda like it. Now, I haven’t had a chance to run Heidy through a ground mission yet, but glancing at the stats alone, the Iconian ground set makes Heidy’s old M.A.C.O. armor look like tinfoil — she gained over 150 health and 70 shield, and the Iconian gun looks to do a lot more damage than the M.A.C.O. one. I’m sure the Iconian set has its own shortcomings when I start playing it, but for now this looks to be an awesome set to get.


One thought on “Space Barbie 2015

  1. Nice to see I’m not the only one who spent inordinate amounts of time on Risa this year collecting all the summer event gear. 😉

    All that Risa grinding paid off, tho; I got my Nandi (the new Ferengi ship) and all my Iconian reputation maxed out just from turning in Risa birds and feather monkeys. So I’m totally maxed out in all rep now.

    Now all I need is the Iconian rep gear. I didn’t know the Iconian ground set added so much to your health and shield. I’ll have to get that as soon as I can. I don’t like the look of it (very Tron & Metroid-ish and not very Trek, as you mentioned), but I can always disable the visuals as I usually do with my ground sets.

    Great write-up, as usual. (^_^)


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