House Pegh “The Best Defense”

HousepeghHouse Pegh is (and has been for a couple of weeks now) the latest feature episode on STO, which features a progression on the story of the Iconian war. If you haven’t played the episode yet, this is a good time to have a go now because it gives out a Ship Trait as a reward (as an option; there are also a Space Trait and a Ground Trait).

Oh, just a note, NO SPOILERS here. Because rather than discussing the feature episode and any unexpected (or expected) plot twists contained therein, I just want to briefly discuss the Ship Trait reward, also known as “The Best Defense”.

“The Best Defense” buffs your hull heals when you activate any Attack Patterns (except Alpha), which makes it a nice if not immensely powerful trait. Given that most of my toons are still flying around with empty slots in their ship traits, this is good filler material. But this is clearly a trait that only benefits if a toon is set up with Attack Patterns, and it dawned on me last night that currently only my 3 tactical captains use AP. I also knew that a couple of the Pilot Specializations are tied to the use of AP, which means I haven’t been able to take advantage of those with my non-tactical toons.

I sat down and took a look at my two big tank cruisers, Kala’s Odyssey and Gortusk’s Bortasqu. I had them set up very similarly, with tanking Boff skills out the yin-yang. As far as tactical stations go, I run both with a Tactical Lieutenant (Tac Team I, Beam FAW) and a Tactical Ensign (Tac Team I), Both are very resilient in combat — the Bortasqu much moreso because Gortusk is far more advanced — but their damage outputs lag behind the Tactical Captains noticeably. Last night I switched the Boff seating around, and now they have a Tactical Lt.Cmdr and a Tactical Lt., which allows me to slot in Attack Patterns at the cost of an Engineering Team and DEM.

I have only taken the new setups out for a couple of spins last night, but the real test will be in advanced/elite STFs. I hope this change will have boosted their performances, but in any case the new focus on tactical abilities requires a bit of a change in play style for my big cruisers.


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