Character Spotlight: Just who is Heidy von Bach?

2015-06-23_00002I have posted pictures of my main Fed toon Heidy a few times on this blog now. She’s my go-to gal for doing events, running featured episodes, and my main Space Barbie ™. She’s even the namesake of this blog! It’s time to properly introduce her. 🙂

Heidy von Bach is the youngest of three children to Heinrich and Elsa von Bach; in her background the von Bachs have been industrialists for generations, and operate the Regensburg-based Neuerung Heavy Industries A.G., a major manufacturer of starship components to both Starfleet and the private sector. The company has been in existence since the mid-21st Century, although at some point in time it transitioned from a traditional capitalistic venture into an industry that abides by the money-less society of the Federation.

As a child Heidy was tested and classified as a child prodigy, noted for her aptitude in the sciences and razor-sharp wits. Her childhood was surprisingly idyllic, with no major trauma or tragedy to define her; at the same time, she grew up to be a bit of a spoiled brat, enjoying parties and leisure trips, having no real incentive nor desire to apply herself.

After pulling a practical joke that caused a city-wide rolling blackout in Bern, Heidy was told to smarten up by her family; this was when she applied to and easily passed the entrance exam to Starfleet Academy (“surely the galaxy must be less boring than home”). Not enjoying violence (too messy) or command (too much work), Heidy settled on the science curriculum, which she considered “slightly interesting”.2015-06-24_00001

Heidy treated the Academy as another big party; this attitude wasn’t helped by her roommate and subsequent best friend, an Andorian cadet named Vohra (Fungi’s toon — who had a tendency to break into dance for no reason). Heidy scored second in academic credits in her graduating class — and she is still sore about not getting first — but not nearly as well in combat training — to this day she still doesn’t like the messy ground-fighting.

Her first assignment was on board the science ship U.S.S. Erasmus under Captain Chik-Soon Chan, as assistant to chief science officer E’Ton. Three weeks into the assignment the Erasmus was summoned to a hastily assembled task force to counter a Borg incursion into Alpha Centauri space, and in the ensuing battle all senior officers were killed or injured when the main bridge was hit. As the ranking surviving officer, Heidy was forced to take command at the engineering bridge, where a stroke of genius on her part allowed the taskforce to destroy the Cube, but it was a sobering experience for her as many of her friends and colleagues were lost in that encounter. For all its wonder, the galaxy was no party.

Over the next few years she rapidly matured and began truly applying herself. Because of her actions on board the Erasmus, Heidy was reluctantly groomed for command — an assignment that she initially resisted, but one that she would eventually be grateful for. After a couple of tours of duty she was finally assigned to the USS Inquest as Chief Science Officer to the bombastic, no-nonsense Captain Abena Sane, who became something of a menace AND a mother figure to Heidy. Captain Sane was a difficult woman to deal with for anyone, but she gradually learned to trust Heidy’s quick-thinking and scientific know-how to bail the ship out of trouble several times; in turn Heidy earned her stripes under Captain Sane’s tutelage. Eventually Captain Sane became a Rear Admiral and command of the Inquest passed on to Heidy, who was by then serving as First Officer.

Because the Star Trek Online ranking system is weird and wonky, in her background Heidy is still just a captain (it’s really a stretch to imagine thousands of fleet admirals in Starfleet, each commanding ONE ship — isn’t that the definition of a Captain?). She’s probably only in this job for a couple of years, and in many ways still learning the ropes of actual command. She clearly has the smarts and the competency, but Heidy’s laissez-faire style of command is so vastly different from her predecessor’s her crew is still trying to catch up. Her current team of senior staff includes:

2015-06-23_00010Esi Falana (Elisa Flores) – Tactical Officer, Commander, First Officer of the USS Inquest. Human Female from Nigeria. A classmate of Heidy’s at the Academy, ironically they didn’t get on well in school (they were almost polar opposites: Esi was a straight-laced overachiever while Heidy was a child prodigy party-girl) but Heidy knows Esi’s professionalism and trusts her to keep things straight… and keep Heidy on her toes. Heidy would be bored if she doesn’t get challenged, after all.

2015-06-23_00006Joseph Landon – Commander, Second Officer and Chief Science Officer. Human Male from Scotland. An older, burly Scotsman (think Sean Connery) who has retired from Starfleet years ago, but rejoined after the passing of his wife. He’s boisterous and outspoken, and it amuses him that this little young German girl is in command of a science vessel, but he is also impressed by her raw brain power. Landon is no longer looking for advancement in Starfleet, and is content to play mentor to the next generation.

2015-06-23_00008Kenneth Sane – Lt. Cmdr. Chief Tactical Officer, M.A.C.O. Human Male from Kenya. Captain Sane’s son, with just a bit of an anger issue, but extremely loyal, a slight chip on his shoulder because his mother was the ex-captain, and apparently fearless in battle (he has had the most number of injuries among the Inquest’s officers). Because of his mother’s mentoring of Heidy, Ken and Heidy treat each other like siblings. He might have a thing for Esi Falana but hasn’t worked up the courage to tell her how he really feels.

2015-06-23_00005Imekc – Tactical Officer, Lieutenant, Security Chief, M.A.C.O. Saurian Male. For his position and line of work, Imekc is surprisingly easygoing and laid-back, and one of the senior staff who readily acclimatized to Heidy’s style of command. While he gets along with everyone, when in action and handling security matters, Imekc is all business; he also has a best-buddy type rivalry with Kenneth Sane, and the two engage in an ongoing oneupsmanship.


Hershel Dimmer – Lt. Cmdr., Chief Operations Officer. Human, half-German, half-Dutch, born on Sherman’s Planet. Stiff, joyless, but very, very professional and very, very organized, absolutely by-the-books sort of officer. He has difficulty getting along with his fellow officers, but everyone trusts him to get the job done. Obviously he doesn’t talk much about himself, but Dimmer lost his family (wife and both children) to a Tholian attack while serving aboard the U.S.S. Exemplary; it’s safe to say he is no fan of the Tholians.

2015-06-23_00003Lupa – Lt. Cmdr., Chief Engineering Officer. Tellarite female. Like all Tellarites Lupa is argumentative, but she is not so pig-headed that she won’t be swayed by a valid and good argument. She doesn’t get along with Dimmer at all, whom she sees as just stubborn with no interest in engaging in an argument. Lupa is also a capable soldier, and often volunteers for away team missions when combat is expected. She has a brother Dobgit (a.k.a. Goatboy) who serves as a tactical officer under Captain Vohra.

2015-06-23_00009Anthony Stark – Science Officer, Lieutenant. Betazoid Male. Yes, I went there, he’s modeled after Tony Stark/Iron Man. 😉 He’s a self-assured flirt, a bit of a mad scientist and a bit of a charming jerk (which really, really annoys Esi). This means he’s entirely on-board with Heidy’s relaxed style of command. He heads up a special R&D department onboard the Inquest; he likes to think he is Landon’s equal (much to the latter’s amusement), and enjoys hanging around Heidy whom he can completely geek out on. Stark would’ve made Captain himself if not for a long record of property damage and reckless behavior.


Zenobia Gholar – Chief Medical Officer, Lt. Cmdr. Human female, American. Zenobia is the soft-spoken, compassionate doctor who doesn’t like confrontations, and arguably the most level-headed of the senior staff.  She has an 8-year-old daughter who lives with her onboard the Inquest. Zenobia is the newest addition to the Inquest’s senior staff, having replaced Doctor Curul, a female Bajoran who recently resigned her commission to take over a new hospital on Bajor.

So there you have it! A quick overview of not just Heidy but her senior staff.


2 thoughts on “Character Spotlight: Just who is Heidy von Bach?

  1. Very cool and interesting background story for Heidy and her senior staff. I think I understand her a little better now and I like the diversity of ethnicities and personalities, and the attention to detail that you put into them. It’s giving me some story ideas that I’d like to run by you some time. 😉


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