Better Screen Shots

This is probably old news for long-time STO players, but Fungi just showed me how to take better screen shots in STO over the weekend. By changing the Field of Vision setting, you can take screen shots that are comparable to TV/movies, rather than a video game.

The commands in question are these (type directly in the chatbox), one for space and one for ground:

/setregionfov space (value)

/setregionfov ground (value)

The FOV values seem to range from 20 to 75… although I am able to enter 99 and it keeps zooming out, so I’m not sure. But basically at the lower end your screen is zoomed in with a narrow FOV, allowing you to super-focus on your toon or ship, and everything in the background looks appropriately scaled. This makes the setting of 20 ideal for taking screen shots! I would not recommend playing at such low FOV though; it can be very disorienting, feel unnatural and even cause motion sickness. So after taking your screen shots make sure to reset your FOV to the default value of 55.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, high FOV values give you a wide area, fisheye-lens sort of vision. That said fisheye-lens FOV also give me headaches, but your mileage may vary.

As a comparison, here are some screen shots taking at the different FOV levels.

2015-07-01_00001The U.S.S. Trojan Horse (current ship of my Feddie Delta Recruit Zdrossk), parked near Drozana Station, default FOV of 55.

2015-07-01_00002Same shot, at FOV of 99. Note the curving of the screen.

2015-07-01_00003At FOV of 20. This looks like a shot from a TV episode or a movie, doesn’t it?


6 thoughts on “Better Screen Shots

    1. Yes you can! For zooming and such. Changing the FOV setting does a different thing; you can see in the last picture Drozana station looks a lot bigger and impressive than in default FOV view..


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