Heidy’s 5 Most Hated Enemy Species

header8735rf345tgf3465t567Every show, movie, book or video game has villains, and STO certainly has no shortage of baddies. Not just singular bad guys, mind you, but whole races and species of them. Ranging from the Tal Shiar, the iconic Trek baddies the Borg, all the way to the laughable Kazon. And then there are the game-created ones, like the Iconian “Heralds”.

Is there an enemy species in STO that you just HATE? Someone who is so diabolical you want to commit genocide on their entire race? Or someone who is so extremely annoying you just don’t want to see them again ever? Well here are my top 5!

5. Undine

Don’t get me wrong, I actually quite like the Undine as an alien species. They’re unique, they’re menacing, and they’re suitably ALIEN. There is really only one reason I hate them on STO: the yellow fluidic-space gunk-bubbles they spit out in space battles, the stuff that sticks to your ship and slows it to a crawl. Not only are they huge blobs that are hard to avoid (especially when you’re flying a cruiser), sometimes they appear out of nowhere right in your face. Just a super annoying effect.

4. Vaadwaur

Or as Fungi calls them, the Fartwar. Their rise to power in the Delta Quadrant is rather contrived and railroaded; getting access to Iconian technology might help them catch up to the rest of the local powers, but I thought in Voyager it was also established their numbers were few. They get built up in Delta Rising but compared to the local DQ bullies (Borg and Undine) they just don’t seem all that threatening. In the end I feel the Fartwar are just this band of local punk thugs who thought they’re tough enough to compete in the big league…. and they just aren’t.

In the Kobali battlezone, the Fartwar ground troops respawn so quickly it can get really annoying. I guess Fartwar must be a subspecies of Tribbles.

3. Dyson Sphere Swarmers

Okay, technically this is not an alien species, but wherever these pesky buggers show up, the swarmers make me fume. They’re like annoying, buzzing flies that you can’t get rid of. In the sphere open zone, they pop up all around you and you can’t target them easily… unless you have Beam Fire-at-Will. In a cannon ship? You’re SOL. In the ground battlezone, they float around overhead and take pot shots at anyone running past, and it usually takes you a little while to figure out who’s shooting at you and where they are. They are never part of any mission objectives, or an important enemy you need to clear out; they’re just a general nuisance to piss you off.

2. Elachi

The Elachi are the exception on this list, in that I don’t hate them because of some silly game mechanics (even though they do have the stupidly strong shields that take forever to take down), but because of how they’re portrayed. Their designs vaguely resemble the archetypical “Grey Alien” (bulbuous head, dead eyes, lanky build), and a similar modus operandi of secretly abducting people for experimentation. While the Iconians want to rule, the Borg seek perfection, the Undine just want to be left alone, etc., there is not one single redeeming quality in anything the Elachi do except to prey on the unsuspecting. If there is one species that deserved to be exterminated in STO, I vote for the Elachi.

1. Heralds

Oh where do I begin with the Heralds?

I’ll start with their looks, because when they first showed up, I thought I logged on to a Tron-version of World of Warcraft rather than Star Trek Online. 😉 I mean, you get a head honcho guy dressed in robes and carrying a long wizard staff, leading a bunch of orc grunts which generally includes a big lumbering troll guy in their midst. I would even argue they’re the least Trek-y thing to ever appear on STO.

On the ground, they teleport around and flank you — and you won’t even know you’re being flanked because you can’t see them. On top of that, their melee attacks can kill you dead with a couple of hits. Try the Brotherhood of Swords queue; if you’re unlucky and get teamed with some clueless player who keeps triggering the first device, the area will be overrun with Heralds in no time, each of whom can kill you in a single hit. It’s one of the most frustrating things ever.

As annoying as the Heralds are on the ground, they’re worse in space. I’m not even talking about the specific things they do, like draining your weapon power, disabling your entire power tray, using Intel/Command powers that get you all messed up, opening energy portals and solar portals that burn you dead in no time, or sending out armies of fighters, probes and drones…. it’s ALL OF THEM TOGETHER. Not only is there too much going on, but all those special effects and objects flying around tend to cause a lot of LAG. The FPS LAG seems to be the Heralds’ single greatest weapon because I frequently can’t get the keys to respond properly, which is enough to make me never want to face them in battle. 😦


One thought on “Heidy’s 5 Most Hated Enemy Species

  1. Great points and I’m with you on all of these, especially the Heralds – if anything they’ve made the post-Delta Rising (aka “Delta Grinding”) DPS arms race even worse. I’ve found in my own fights with them, that sci powers can help a lot in dealing with them, as well as staying alive while doing it.


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