T6 Defiant/T’Varo/B’Rel coming? What else is coming up?

Yesterday I saw these allegedly “leaked” screencaps from the IQfleet site. Are they legit? Sure looks like it. I have been wanting to get a T6 Bird-of-Prey for the longest time, and I know a lot of players are lusting after these little beasts.

jsctqs9 valiant

Now, it does make sense that these guys are on the horizon. After all, if we look at the release pattern of T6 ships, it’s been leapfrogging “New Spec” and “Updates”: INTEL-COMMAND-PILOT and the Pathfinder-Iconics-Battlecruisers. Now that the other canon “hero ships” (i.e. the Enterprise-D and Voyager) have been updated to T6, the Defiant must be the next up.

I think this 3-pack is going to be a big seller, considering how popular all three ships are to the fandom. My two Tac toons who currently fly cannon-escorts will likely upgrade to these: Congilla currently flies a Plesh Brek heavy raider and it works very well, but given a choice to switch to a BoP? No contest! Never mind the cloaking ability, the BoP is just so much more iconic. As for T’Leia, she’s still stuck flying the Phantom, which I’m still not particularly keen on even after all this time. A T6 Defiant might just be the thing the doctor ordered, but I’ll have to see the stats (especially turn rate) before I decide.

Regardless, this is something to look forward to, especially if you are a prudent buyer like me who haven’t bought any T6 ships after the initial INTEL releases. Aside from T’Leia’s Phantom, none of my toons fly them anymore, which kinda makes me regret the purchases… and hesitant to buy any more T6 ships. This might get me interested in spending money again.

More importantly, what’s next on the horizon? Three of my toons fly the respective dreadnoughts (Kala Kendris flies the Oddy, Gortusk flies the Bortas’qu and R’Jal flies the Scimitar) — will there be a 3-pack T6 dreadnought in the works? Seriously, can you imagine a T6 Scimitar? That thing will sell like HOT CAKES. If such a thing ever comes out, I will definitely buy it because it benefits so many of my toons. And what about proper T6 Science ships? Heidy is going to need an upgrade eventually, but none of the current T6 Sci ships are really properly Science-y… except for the Pathfinder, but I’m waiting for something with a bit more… teeth.


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