Space Barbie – Futurama Edition


I love to poke around the Character Editor/Tailor in STO; sure I enjoy playing Space Barbie and creating new costume looks for my toons, but to actually make fun toons using Cryptic’s extensive customization options. Case in point: I did up some Futurama looks with Kala and her crew for fun, several players actually noticed them while I was doing Kobali runs and messaged me about them, so I thought why not do a spotlight post?

You Trek purists out there, don’t lynch me; I was just having a bit of fun for shits & giggles with these. 😛

The below is a close-up of Kala’s normal Starfleet look versus her Leela-impression. Obviously there is no way to create a single giant Cyclopean eye in STO, so I have to fake it using some sunglasses. If you squint real hard at a distance, she’s passably good.

2015-07-22_00001 2015-07-22_00002

Here is Zapp Brannigan in a very sensual velour uniform. 😉 Unfortunately the giant beer belly isn’t obvious in the shot above, but at least the “shorts” are. Zapp is one of the two ground Boffs I bring to Kobali, and though questionable, he is also currently First Officer on the department head list. :p


And here is Kif. The Saurian skin gives him the best fits for the eyes, nose and lips, but the reptilian skin texture unexpectedly adds a level of realism to his overall look. Kif is the second ground Boff I bring to Kobali… because he goes so well with Zapp!

Here is the obvious choice, the ship’s Chief Medical Officer Doctor Zoidberg. God save us all. Like Kif, this one is a bit “grittier” than I intended, like a live-action version of the cartoon. Of course there are no options for claws, so I had to fake it with big boney hands.

Professor Farnsworth. Self-explanatory! It’s a bit odd that I couldn’t make Farnsworth with a human base and had to resort to using an alien base, but it did allow him to have a yellow skin-tone.

As a bonus, here’s another customized Boff who’s not from Futurama… I would’ve made this into Amy but there just isn’t any good Afro/dreadlock hairstyle available in STO.

So there you have it! The whackiest crew in Starfleet!


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