Breaking Immersion, STO edition

repriseMore so than most other MMORPGs, a good chunk of STO’s playerbase plays the game because it’s Star Trek, and immersion in game’s theme and setting is vitally important to these players. Star Trek is a very fleshed out universe as defined by multiple TV shows, movies, novels and other media, and for the most part the game has done well in staying in-theme. But there are also a variety of factors that continually work to break this immersion, which no doubt frustrates players… but can also be unintentionally funny.

So what breaks immersion in STO? Well, I have some personal peeves. Here’s my Top 10 8 List of Breaking Immersion on STO.

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Crossover Shenanigans


It’s bound to happen when you have a popular, well-known franchise; someone will inevitably want to use the franchise in a silly crossover with some other popular thing (a.k.a. cash grab). For better or for worse, Star Trek has been dragged into that sort of silliness a few times in the franchise’s history; you can safely lay the blame on comic book publishers for these crimes against humanity (and the franchises involved). 😉

I’ll admit right off the bat that I actually haven’t read a single one of these… nor do I have any desire to, so I’m definitely and literally judging a book by its cover here. As a rule I dislike inter-property crossovers, and I have no interest in common fan debates such as Star Trek vs Star Wars. As most fans can tell you, Star Trek is Science Fiction, Star Wars is Fantasy. Trying to intermix the two is an exercise in futility, yet people will keep trying.

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Favorite Star Trek Episodes


Since the Krenim Time Ship (a.k.a. T6 Annorax Science Dreadnaught) is currently big news on STO, not just because it’s the lastest lockbox ship but because it figures prominently in the Iconian War story arc, I thought it would be a good time to list my favorite Star Trek episode for each of the series. Keep in mind I have mostly watched DS9, the latter half of TNG, and only a smattering of TOS/Voyager/Enterprise, my list is bound to be different than hardcore Trekkies!

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Skyforge – First and Last Impressions


Since Neverwinter was such a disappointing non-starter, I also tried out this new MMO called Skyforge, which is evidently one of the newer kids on the block, having gone into open Beta as of July 2015. It’s developed by the Russian Allods team and published by Obsidian Entertainment… and the game’s aesthetics certainly betray its Russian origins.

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Three Strikes on Neverwinter

PicardneverwinterI’ve been looking to possibly diversify a bit from Star Trek Online, so a few days ago I thought I’d try Neverwinter. Since Neverwinter is also published by Cryptic, I hoped maybe the interface and presentation would be similar to STO (much like Champions Online was) and ease the learning curve.

I didn’t end up getting to play a lot, because the installation and startup process had been absolutely painful.

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