A New Dawn


News broke this morning that Season 11 is coming in September, titled New Dawn. Here is the official announcement.

This is red hot news but still too early to tell what’s going on, but it has been generating excitement among the playerbase, especially an “Admiralty” system that allows players to send their inactive ships on missions. The conjecture at this point is that this will be a variation of the Doff assignments, which is probably reasonable. While it might be fun to be able to call your inactive ships into space battles, I would be annoyed if that means I need to properly equip all of them. As it is I don’t have a lot of ships “parked”, only a handful which I use as “mobile storage” for extra gear, so this system is probably not going to be a big thing for me. :p

The thing that grabs me is this: New Dawn, following the epic conclusion of the five-year The Iconian War story arc, will rise out of the dark wartime adventure to reveal a brand-new story centered on hope and exploration. Players will be able to navigate uncharted territory to discover planets and stars, establishing outposts and granting missions. This is what I posted about just recently, about how the combat-focus of STO has moved so far away from the exploratory spirit of Star Trek. I’m excited to see what is being planned, how Cryptic is going to attempt to bring STO back to its Trek roots and make exploration fun.

Best of all, to paraphrase a crazy comic book character: “NO MORE ICONIANS“. And their lag-inducing, FPS-crashing shenanigans. đŸ˜‰

Let’s keep any eye on further news; this has been the most exciting announcement to come out of STO in a long, long time.


7 thoughts on “A New Dawn

  1. (Spock-style raise of an eyebrow) Fascinating.

    As I’ve mentioned to you before, my own Star Trek story I’ve been writing in my spare time (with either AJ or possibly Jay West as my main protagonist) takes place during the period following the Iconian War and the aftermath of it, as the Federation and its allies begin to recover from the war’s devastation and try to return to their roots in peaceful exploration – i.e. returning to what Trek was supposed to be all about, to bring it back to Gene Roddenberry’s original vision.

    So if STO really does wrap up the Iconian War story arc and enter a new era of peace and exploration, then that will dovetail nicely with the premise of my own Trek story and it’ll be very interesting, for me at least. Less pointless grinding and mindless “pew-pew,” and more real Trek with an emphasis on storytelling and story development, and deep, thought-provoking subject matter would be a very welcome change and I feel that it would honor Gene Roddenberry’s vision and legacy a lot more. This is the first time I’ve been truly excited about upcoming content in STO in a long time. đŸ™‚


    1. Let’s hope Cryptic figures out how to deliver an interesting and fun exploration environment that’s true to Trek! Keep watching the news on Season 11.

      If this works out maybe we can try to get some RP group together, huh? Just remember, Heidy is Number One!


  2. Of course! I thought you wanted Heidy to remain as captain of her own ship, but if you want to be my Number One, I’ll be greatly honored. (-_^)

    And yes, I’ll definitely be keeping an eye on this situation for any more news on this. I’ve got my fingers crossed and am hoping & praying that Cryptic won’t mess this up, because they’ve got a golden opportunity here to take STO in an awesome new direction, especially as Star Trek’s 50th anniversary (next year) is approaching.


    1. Hey, I don’t mind a demotion for a good story.

      When my friend Fungi first introduced me to STO, I was completely clueless as to WTH was going on even while I was creating Heidy. I thought it would be like a Star Trek TV show, where most characters would play various bridge officers or senior officers, and only “Guild leaders” get to be ship captains. Shows what I knew! So playing second (or third, or fourth) fiddle has been my expectation coming into STO all along.

      Besides, honestly who would want to read about a 26 year-old blonde girl as a starship captain? This is Science-Fiction, not Fantasy. Or a Sitcom. đŸ˜‰


  3. Well, Gene R’s vision for Star Trek has always had equality and diversity as one of its central themes, so I think Heidy could easily be a starship captain. She’s a little on the young side, but other than that, I see no reason why she couldn’t easily be like Kathryn Janeway and command a science vessel on a long-range exploration mission. I think if you made her 36, she’d be more believable as a starship captain (Janeway was about 40 when she assumed command of the Voyager). At 26 she’d be more likely to be an ensign or lieutenant.


    1. Well there is the whole STO framework of fast-tracking promotions, where all the Fed toons supposedly went from cadet to Fleet Admiral in 18 months. Believability has nothing to do with this! That’s why I made Heidy a prodigy and generally speaking I try to squint real hard (or hands over my ears and lalalala real loud) when it comes to the passage of time/age on the game.


  4. Yeah, good point about STO’s ridiculous rank/leveling system. Personally I’ve always felt that a character’s Starfleet rank should be independent from their level. Because having fleet admirals (!) beaming down all by themselves to Defera, for example, to do battle with the Borg just seems silly. That’s what all those red-shirts are for! (-_^) And the worst part about it is that even as a fleet admiral (level 60 on AJ, my main toon), I still can’t do admiral-type stuff and promote my boffs to captain and put them in command of my other ships I’m not using. Just ridiculous. So hopefully this new season 11 will address some of that silliness.


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