Crossover Shenanigans


It’s bound to happen when you have a popular, well-known franchise; someone will inevitably want to use the franchise in a silly crossover with some other popular thing (a.k.a. cash grab). For better or for worse, Star Trek has been dragged into that sort of silliness a few times in the franchise’s history; you can safely lay the blame on comic book publishers for these crimes against humanity (and the franchises involved). 😉

I’ll admit right off the bat that I actually haven’t read a single one of these… nor do I have any desire to, so I’m definitely and literally judging a book by its cover here. As a rule I dislike inter-property crossovers, and I have no interest in common fan debates such as Star Trek vs Star Wars. As most fans can tell you, Star Trek is Science Fiction, Star Wars is Fantasy. Trying to intermix the two is an exercise in futility, yet people will keep trying.

Star Trek/X-Men


I think this is the first time Star Trek got tossed into the world of comic crossovers, back when X-Men was the big thing on the comic scene. It actually happened a few times, initially with the TOS crew and then later on with the TNG cast.

So let’s get to the bottom line here: the Star Trek franchise and its fandom pride themselves on “speculative Sci-Fi” and for the most part internal consistency within the franchise universe. Superhero comics, as a rule, are the complete opposite, with no realistic caps on power levels. In short, the two don’t mix. It’s just some cheap gimmick for people to geek out over Spock nerve-pinching Wolverine, Doctor McCoy (Bones) meeting Doctor McCoy (Beast), and Kirk ogling Jean Grey. The best part about this whole silliness is that it’s done and forgotten, never to be mentioned again. Except….

Star Trek/Legion of Superheroes


….After Marvel had their fun with Trek, DC wanted in and made Kirk and crew meet the Legion of Superheroes (apologies to Legion fans, but they’re far less popular than the X-Men).

Now when they did the Star Trek/X-Men crossovers, it was back in the 90’s when the comic book business was booming, and publishers could print literally crap and it would sell. Those days are (thankfully) long gone now, but the Legion crossover was published in 2012, so clearly publishers are still out trying to make a quick buck from popular franchises. From reviews I heard the story and art in this series are above average, so this is no fault of the writer or the artist, they have to make the best out of an absurd premise.

Thank God that’s done, right? Well, hang on to your hats…

Star Trek/Green Lantern


….Evidently DC decides they want more of the same, so now they upped the ante and sicced one of their A-List superheroes with Kirk and crew (the Abrams version this time). Personally I think this is the worst crossover premise yet: Green Lantern’s universe where The One Ring Rules Them All (no, not THAT RING) – no science, no technology, no starships, and that flies in the face of everything Star Trek is about. Here’s one guy who can do everything the Enterprise and her entire crew (arguably a whole fleet of Trek ships, for that matter) can do, and do it better/quicker. There is no need for a Federation or Starfleet in this universe. Didn’t I just talk about a lack of power cap in superhero comics? Can’t we just have Q make an appearance instead?

No, just because Green Lantern deals with SPAAACE and ALIENS doesn’t make it a good match with Star Trek. When will comic book publishers stop doing this?

Star Trek/Doctor Who


On the other hand, there are a couple of crossovers that could work, and make for some interesting stories. One such occurrence involves perennial favorite Doctor Who — and it’s not like Star Trek is a stranger to time travellers and the concept of time travel. Of course, the official Doctor Who timeline is not compatible with the Trek timeline, but if you’re willing to ignore that there are some intriguing stories to be told… like the attached picture.

Yes. The Borg. Allied with the Cybermen. Absolutely chilling.

Because seriously, many of the classic Doctor Who villains have the same vaguely-cheesy quality that fits with Star Trek’s own 1960s origins. Sontarans. The freakish Silence. Weeping Angels. And of course, Cybermen and Daleks. Any of these would make frightful adventures in the Trek universe.

Star Trek/Planet of the Apes

TrekApesOkay…. where do we start?

I love Star Trek, obviously. I also love monkeys.

Did I say monkeys? I meant apes. And apes are not monkeys… but you get the idea.

Never mind the future Earth premise of the Planet of the Apes franchise, but there are fantastic opportunities for storytelling when the crew of the Enterprise discovers a planet of vicious apes oppressing the local human population. This is a great pairing of popular TV franchises from the 60’s. I really should find a copy of this book.


I am sure I missed some other gimmicky crossovers that involved Star Trek, but for the most part I think I’m better off not knowing. 😉


3 thoughts on “Crossover Shenanigans

  1. Ha… Good grief… When I see stuff like that, it seriously makes me wonder about the future of the Star Trek franchise, because I get to thinking, “Is Star Trek really that played out now that writers have all run out of ideas, so now they’re doing these silly crossovers?”

    I mean, they’ve already rebooted the whole Trek franchise once. What else could they do with it? As a writer it makes me wonder what hasn’t been explored in Trek lore? I have to admit I’m having a hard time coming up with new ideas as to where Trek should go from here on out, as I try to write my own stuff. I like the challenge but it’s not easy these days.


    1. Maybe you can steal an idea from one of the above?

      Yoohoora: “Captain, the alien is hailing us.”
      Jay: “On screen.”
      Heidy: “The alien appears to be… a guy in a spandex suit and a mask. Floating in space. Striking a heroic pose.”
      Jay: “How does he survive without a craft? I need an analysis. Meanwhile, can we communicate with him?”
      Yoohoora: “Yes sir. Channel is open.”
      Jay: “I am Captain West of the Federation Starship, USS Katana. Please identify…”
      GL: “I am Hal Jordan, Green Lantern of Sector 2814. What’s the Federation?”
      Jay to Heidy: “What’s Sector 2814?”
      Heidy: “Probably some new mapping system developed by the Koreans.”
      Jay: “Dammit.”
      Heidy: “Also, analysis says the alien is in fact human, despite the fact that he can survive in space with his face exposed. And the exaggerated and highly sexualized body proportions he is drawn with.”
      Jay: “Alright, uh, Mister Jordan. How do you survive in space unassisted?”
      GL: “Didn’t you hear me? I’m a Green Lantern. My ring can do anything.”
      Jay: “Did you say ring? I hope he means a Ring like a Dyson Sphere.”
      GL: “No. My Green Lantern ring. This, on my finger.”
      Jay: “And it can do anything?”
      GL: “Yes. Watch while I create a replica of your ship.”
      Jay, shocked: “I hope that’s a hologram.”
      GL “Oh no. Watch.” Created ship lightly bumps the Katana, sending everyone lurching to the side. “See? It’s real.”
      Jay: “This is scientifically impossible. I need an answer, Commander.”
      Heidy: “I believe he is from an alternate reality called the Fun House Mirror Universe, where our laws of science don’t apply. But it does have its own version of Whacky Science.”
      Jay: “Such as?”
      Heidy: “Analysis shows he is allergic to yellow stuff. Yellow stuff renders that ring of his inert.”
      Jay: “Seriously? You mean, energy that occupies the yellow spectrum?”
      Heidy: “No, I mean… yellow stuff. Like egg yokes. Lemons. Sunflowers. New York City cabs. My hair. Snow.”
      Jay: “That is literally the stupidest thing I have ever heard.”
      Heidy: “Yes Captain.”
      Jay: “Transporter Room, prepare to beam our entire cargo load of bananas around the alien. Nuke it from orbit, it’s the only way to be sure.”


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