Last one to the Finish Line…

screenshot_2015-10-26-18-17-20Wait, what is this, you ask? Who is this suave macho man with tasty arm candies at his sides? A 25th Century speakeasy owner/contraband-runner? The main villain of van Damme’s Cyborg?

All of the above!

Okay, not really. That’s Zdrossk, my Delta Recruit toon, a Tellarite engineer. He’s been left behind in the leveling process (probably because he’s been busy hanging out at bars flirting with hotties) but no longer! Incidentally, the hotties are Tikini (Fungi’s toon) and Rinsha (Shand’s toon). Thanks for the group shot, ladies!

screenshot_2015-10-26-22-27-06Taking advantage of the XP Bonus weekend, I finally pushed Zdrossk to level 60! That’s right, Zdrossk, whom I never intended to make it to the end, crosses the finish line. Yay! Of course, he’s got pretty weak gear both in space and on the ground, and no, I’m not really going to bother to improve his stuff (green Mk XII stuff really don’t cut it anymore). He’s also behind on Reputations, dilithium, and just about everything else. Lucky guy got the beautiful Odyssey as his ride though (USS Thunder Bay), so he should be pretty happy.

Well this is a short post, because I’ve been entertaining visiting family in the past week-and-a-half. It’s still pretty amazing I managed to get this guy to level 60 when family is visiting!


7 thoughts on “Last one to the Finish Line…

  1. Awesome. I’m glad I could be there to help you get him up to level 60. That was fun. 🙂

    I admire your tenacity. I don’t think I’d ever want to start a new toon and level him all the way up to level 60, and have to go thru that whole unpleasant grind all over again. I really hate grinding. Cryptic would really have to give me a truly compelling reason to start a new toon with the way the game is now. Otherwise, I don’t see it happening.


    1. Oh yes, I should’ve mentioned Jay spending the evening with the whacky furries leisure-suit Zdrossk and Hawaiian-shirt M’eew in a chaotic Kobali run. XD Thanks for that, although I’m sure poor Jay was traumatized.

      I’ll tell you a little secret too: Zdrossk skipped entire arcs like the old Cardassian one (which will be gone by tomorrow). A lot of his leveling from 10 thru 50 were done by Doffing alone…. so, less grinding than you might think. 😉

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      1. Nope, not traumatized at all. 🙂 It was an honor to hang out with you guys and lay the smackdown on the Vaadwaur.

        I know it’s possible to level all the way up just from doffing alone; I’ve seen it done before. It just takes a bit longer than hitting some story missions and patrols.

        When I was leveling up both my Delta toons, I skipped all the story missions cause I didn’t want to go thru them all over again. I waited til I was at least at level 50 on those toons before I even began any of the story missions; that way it made the 50-60 not quite so tedious and I was able to take a sizable chunk of a level done just from one mission. That plus STFs and battlezones helped a lot (plus the occasional XP bonus weekend).


  2. Just to let you know, Heidy, if you don’t see me on STO for a while, it’s because I’m a Mac user and the new release (season 11) just completely broke the STO Mac client. As Bones once said, “It’s dead, Jim.”

    So I can’t even log into STO at all until Cryptic fixes it (IF they fix it). They’ve said in the STO forum that they’re working on it, so we’ll see. This antiquated (2008) iMac is the only computer I have, so… yeah. No STO for me for a while until this is fixed, and it looks like I’m going to miss out on all their promotional giveaways. Bummer.

    But I’ll let you know when I’m able to log on again.


    1. Ouch! Well let’s hope Cryptic gets this fixed ASAP. I’m sure locking a significant fraction of their player base out of the game is bad for business, so they’ll put some priority into this.

      I stupidly forgot to pick up the Free Upgrade Token giveaway myself, but oh well, not like I really need it anyway. Yeah, let me know when you can get back in; there’s a lot of stuff going on, and I think I’ll post some first thoughts on Season 11 in a few days.

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      1. Yeah, I don’t think I need the ship upgrade either, because I’ve already upgraded all my ships that were upgradeable. But still… I’m probably going to miss out on the rest of the stuff they’re giving away too. Not awesome.

        I was actually considering buying the full-on lifetime subscription, but after this… not anymore.

        And yes, I’ll definitely let you know when I’m able to log back on. Last I checked, Cryptic have said that they’re working on it, so I hope they’ll actually fix it for real.

        Better yet, I hope they’ll make a proper Mac client running native Mac code, not this crappy Cider wrapper masquerading as a real Mac client. But I doubt that’ll ever happen.

        I really hate being a Mac user sometimes, and this is one of those times.


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