Cheaters. You know who you are.

cheater-memeNo one likes cheaters, not even other cheaters.

I recently read an old forum entry on video game botting, quoted below. Interestingly, it’s titled “Botting Ethics”. Clearly, irony is a new concept to the original poster.

Hello fellow botters

Lately I am noticing a lot of other botters on the spots where my bots farm. Whats the point of making the same profile where I am?
I’ve already made multiple profiles for farming credits and moved from planets to planets and noticed new botters on almost all of them on different servers.
We are both getting less if we farm the same spot.
I’ve already moved my toons multiple times and I am getting really sick of it.
If I’m searching for a new spot I am investing my time and I find that the spot is taken I move on and continue searching for a new one.
Please guys you know who you are. Just move on and find your own empty spot. Its not funny anymore.
I know I don’t own the ingame terrain but whats really the point of making the same profile?

Like many other MMOs, Star Trek Online has its share of cheaters, leechers and botters. But recently they seem to be more numerous; perhaps because they’re like rats, who pour out of their holes when there is a flood (in STO terms, an event or a new season). Maybe it’s my lousy luck. Most of the time I roll my eyes and ignore them, but I am getting increasingly annoyed when the rest of us are going through a frustrating grind, and these douchebags cheat their way through.

I am currently running all 8 of my toons through the Mirror Invasion Event. With 14 runs each, that’s a truly annoying number of times I need to do this one STF. But hey, those of us doing it understand it’s a choice, not a requirement. You want the rewards, you do the grind, that simple. In the past week that I have done the Mirror Invasion run, I would say on average half of my daily runs contains one leecher. You know, the guy who sits idle through the run. Often cloaked. Or flying away to the edge of the map. Or randomly flying around (or following another player) but otherwise not participating.

Now I don’t know if my experience is representative of the overall demographics, but 4 out of 40 (8 runs x 5 players/run) is 10% — pretty high percentage of leechers. Moments like these, I so wish Cryptic would implement a “Kick From Team” option.

At least I filed a number of complaints/reports. Not that I expect to ever see anything come of them.

Kobali Prime seems to be popular with Botters and Leechers lately. Botters are easy to spot; they travel in vast lemming-like herds and slow your FPS to a crawl, and worst yet when they park themselves at the final stages of Kobali Prime they trigger an endless enemy spawn that becomes a nightmare to other players.

Leechers on Kobali Prime are just as bad; they typically find a peripheral spot to hide, so when other players come in to clear the stage, they reap the rewards. But by parking and hiding themselves, leechers also trigger endless enemy spawns and prevent mission objectives from completing. Good job, d-bags!

Fungi has a pretty good policy that whenever he sees Botters or Leechers on Kobali Prime, he switches instances. I now do the same, as soon as I can detect them. No free lunch here, boyo.


At the end of the day, it’s sad how prevalent cheating is. These people are doing… what, exactly? Clearly they don’t play for the enjoyment of the game, and they don’t want to work. They just want the reward, plain and simple… and do what? A handful of currency? A shiny new gun? So they can boast about how they got for free?

If their goal is to get everything by cheating and doing no work, I fear for our society at large.


2 thoughts on “Cheaters. You know who you are.

  1. It is annoying and the funny thing is they have to be present anyway, why not contribute. I wouldn’t call it cheating but it is classic ‘douchbaggery’ for sure. See what I did there made up a word 😉 I wish we could turn on friendly fire and blow up there ship, then kick them off the team.


  2. Yeah, the botters and leechers are getting intolerable. I usually just switch instances too. I can’t stop them from cheating, but I’m not going to make it any easier for them, either.


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