Even though I’m taking a long break from STO at the moment (listen to me, kids, MMO-Grind = Burnout, Tongue-in-Cheek-Mayhem = FUN!), that doesn’t mean I’m tired of Star Trek as a franchise.

Have you seen Star Trek Axanar? If not, go take a peek.

Or, if you’re like me, look at this:

In one word? HOLY SHIT.

Apparently this thing is a kickstarter, fan-funded project. And that’s just the “prelude”, a short film to set up the main event.

Sorry, did I say HOLY SHIT?

Seriously, this thing looks absolutely insane. The special effects make the TV shows look like junior high projects. The documentary-style acting is impeccable. And the setting/story? WOW. As much as I enjoyed JJ’s Star Trek reboot, I would much, MUCH rather watch Axanar as a feature film.

Except, of course, CBS and Paramount decided on December 29, 2015 to sic their army of lawyers on the project, filed for an injunction and damages in California federal court, stating Axanar works infringe their rights by making use of “innumerable copyrighted elements of Star Trek, including its settings, characters, species, and themes.”

Now I can understand license holders wanting to, and it is well within their rights to protect their intellectual property. But traditionally Paramount’s approach to the Trek franchise is to allow fanmade projects to proceed as long as they don’t make profits. So why suddenly a change in attitude? Worse yet, Axanar has been in the pipeline since early 2014. They achieved their funding requirements almost two years ago, and Paramount/CBS decided to file a lawsuit just as production was starting? Yes, I smell something stinky.

My personal theory? We all heard that there is a new Trek TV series being developed by CBS. Maybe they’re afraid the high production value of Axanar is going to make the TV show look bad by comparison…. and that’s not good if they are trying to find legs for a new series. And then there’s my conspiracy theory: Paramount and CBS saw what Axanar is doing, figure they can make big money off the concept, and want to steal the idea for themselves.

Regardless, I’d love to see Axanar some day in its full glory.


7 thoughts on “Axanar

  1. Yes, I’ve seen the “Prelude to Axanar,” and it is a glorious, wonderful thing to behold.

    It makes me all the more pissed off at CBS and Paramount for suddenly deciding to have a problem with it, despite numerous other fan fiction videos having been made for years.

    Maybe they’re just afraid Axanar will be better than Star Trek Beyond, or should I say “2 Trek 2 Furious.” smh


  2. Also, have a look at Star Trek Continues. The actors (with the exception of Chris Doohan, Jimmy Doohan’s son as Scotty) don’t really look like the original cast, but it’s very well produced and acted, and it captures the whole look and feel of the original series very well.

    They’ve got 5 episodes done, last I checked, and are working on more. So far CBS and Paramount haven’t given Vic Mignogna and his crew a hard time about it (fingers crossed on that).


    1. I think it was you who pointed me to Star Trek Continues before. I would like it more if they just went with a different crew/ship, rather than attempting to say it’s the original Trek, just squint REALLY hard.

      But that’s telling though – CBS and Paramount had no problem with that fan production (which goes back to May 2013), but they do with Axanar? That sounds really fishy.

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      1. A different crew and ship would’ve been interesting, definitely. Like a different Constitution-class ship, or maybe a different class of Starfleet vessel entirely.


  3. Axanar does look gorgeous, I’ve donated (but have not received my patches), but it’s highly unlikely they will ever finish the project. More likely companies that received money from the fundraising could eventually be sued – including kickstarter – for facilitating a crime.

    As soon as someone earns a living – even if it’s a palty one – they’re using something they don’t own to MAKE money, even if if the production doesn’t show profits. That’s an important distinction. Donors receiving patches is technically and legally wrong. Someone some where is making money.

    It’s one thing for people to work together to make a fan production. But the moment they pay a salary, they’ve crossed into dark waters. CBS is well within it’s rights to sue.

    Axanar crossed a very real line. G&T does a brilliant step-by-step review of the legal situation with a lawyer with experience in IP. Link below.

    Brilliant discussion re: @StarTrekAxanar lawsuit at @SundayGandT (1:02:00 mark, Adult content)
    TY @The_Grand_Nagus


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