Star Trek Online 6th Anniversary

CZ0rsA-VIAAxn5wIf you didn’t know, STO’s 6th Anniversary is in full swing now, with a new feature episode, a bunch of giveaways (some T4 ships), another lockbox (Mirror Incursion), and a special event/event ship to go with it. 

Any MMORPG that can go into its sixth year and still running strong is no small feat. Congratulations on that, STO!

The giveaways are always nice, but otherwise <sarcasm>yay, more grind</sarcasm>. Fortunately, following my month-long break from STO, I’ve decided not to do the full daily grind anymore; I have a sizeable sum of unrefined dilithium accumulated on each of my toons, so for the most part I’m just going to finish refining them and call it good. As for the anniversary activities, well, here are my thoughts.

Feature Episode: Time and Tide – I’ll maybe do a separate post on this episode later. All I really want to say about it now, is that doing the episode gives you 400 prize vouchers towards the event ship, which requires a total of 1000 vouchers. This is important, kids!

Omega Particle Stabilization – This is the main event activitiy: Talk to Q at ESD or Qo’nos, and he sends you off to find Omega particles at 3 specific locations each day. You do the minigame at each location, and get 40 prize vouchers towards the event ship. Depending on how well you do on the minigame, you also get Omega traces/slivers/shards that can be crafted into upgrade kits.


So first things first – I hate this minigame. HATE HATE HATE. My laptop struggles a bit to run games at high graphic settings and/or multiple applications, and I’m sure the Cryptic servers being in Boston doesn’t help with latency issues. All in all I usually get about half a second of lag, which is more than enough to make the minigame unbearable. Heidy slotted the Samsar project last year and invested 400 Qmendations from the past feature episode, but I refused to do the minigame. This year she ran the new FE and got 400 vouchers, so it brings the total up to 800. How much do I hate the minigame? SO MUCH that I would rather WAIT A FULL YEAR to get the Samsar, rather than run the minigame 15 times. GRRRRRR.

New Lockbox – I don’t play the lockbox game, but I want to touch about its impact on current dilithium-Zen exchange rate. Now Dilex has been rising non-stop since last fall, mostly driven by one sale after another. From Cryptic’s marketing viewpoint, this is entirely understandable — they need to make money, after all, and they want players to buy Zen with cash, not free currency earned in-game.

On the other hand, it’s starting to hit the point where dilithium grinding is no longer profitable; at the current Dilex inflation rate (recent high of 330+), you’ll be falling further behind as time goes on.

I’m lucky there isn’t a lot more I want to buy at this point (except for a T6 Flagship bundle if it ever comes along).

Event Ship – Krenim Science Ship – I have made no secret that I don’t like PC alien ships on STO. I’m on the game to play Star Trek, not Star Wars, Babylon 5 or Farscape. Tholian, Breen, Dominion ships are fine as canon enemy ships, but not for player factions. Then they pile on all these other ones like Elachi, Kazon, Malon, Kobali, Fartwar, Krenim, and srslyWTF Herald ships. Just seeing all these weird ships in orbit around ESD or Qo’nos make me… not want to go there.

I also blame Saints Row IV, but when I look at the ugly Krenim ship, I can only see the Anal Rectifier Probe weapon from Saints Row IV. -_-


Yeah, I can’t find a picture of the Rectifier in the “insert” position, with the “claws” closed. Ahem.

All in all, I’m happy STO has made it to its 6th year mark, but I’m also a bit ambivalent about the activities around the celebration. That’s probably because I am winding down a bit on STO, but if you’re a fan, by all means enjoy the anniversary!


6 thoughts on “Star Trek Online 6th Anniversary

  1. I like the alien ships honestly and many of them are canon ships. Remember the flip side to the dilithium grind is that real world cash buys more dilithium, that makes it hard to convert dilithium into Zen but Zen buys a ton of dilithium and frankly I hate dilithium grinding so when I need an infusion of dilithium and prices are 300+ I buy it! I don’t mind the mini-gam what I hatre is the fact that I have to travel all over the frickin’ galaxy on a wild omega particle chase. 🙂


    1. Different strokes for different folks! Clearly a lot of players like the alien ships, otherwise Cryptic wouldn’t be making (and selling) them, right? It’s just my personal preference there.

      Chasing after the omega particles across the galaxy is indeed the other annoying part about the minigame. Unlike the other event minigames (the winter race or the summer jetpacks) which can be finished in a few minutes, the transit time of this one just kills it for me.

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      1. I hate the omega particle grind too, and I really wish they’d just drop as regular rewards from missions or doff assignments or whatever. I just hate grinding in general, which is why I don’t think I’ll make another toon, unless Cryptic were to give me a damn good reason to.


    1. Now that would be interesting. I do wish theyd make the Romulans a proper third faction too, but I guess after having played the latest mission (Time & Tide) it’s kind of a moot point, because of a spoiler that I don’t want to mention in here just yet.


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