T6 Flagships


There’s been predictions about T6 flagships for months now, so the fact that they are finally arriving shouldn’t come as a total surprise. The only surprise for me is how soon it’s happening (this Thursday!), especially after I specifically mentioned it in my last post a week ago — it’s the one of the last things I actually look forward to seeing/buying!

Here is the official announcement.

Long time readers will know that I loved the old flagships: three of my main toons flew them — Kala flew the Odyssey, Gortusk flew the Bortas’qu, and R’Jal flew the Scimitar. Kala and Gortusk reluctantly changed ships to keep up with the times (both went with Command Battlecruisers and now fly the T6 Battlecruisers), but to this R’Jal stuck to his trusty Scimitar. Stats-wise the T6 Battlecruisers are pretty hard to beat, but I’m attracted to the huge, lumbering majesty of the flagships; I’m keeping my fingers crossed for the stats release tomorrow — hopefully they are at least competitive with the T6 Battlecruisers, or the CBC’s.

Funny. This is the first time I’m genuinely excited for STO in a long time!



6 thoughts on “T6 Flagships

  1. These new T6 flagships are nice, but after seeing how they’re discontinuing Mac support (as they announced in the STO forum on Thursday), I won’t be able to buy or use them for quite a while, at least until I can get a new computer. :/


  2. Re the T6 Odyssey, I don’t really like any of these designs, especially the science variant. I know lots of people like it, but to me it just looks like they’re trying too hard to make it look like a Galaxy or Ambassador-class.

    If I do end eventually buying one (after I get that aforementioned new computer), I’ll probably just get that ugly, angular tactical variant and put the normal T5U Odyssey skin on it, like the one I already have.

    On the Rom side… meh. I’m just not feeling the new designs there either.

    On the KDF side, I think they did all right. Klingon ships aren’t exactly meant to be pretty anyway. I like the Martok (tactical variant, I think); it kinda looks like a Negh’Var on steroids.


    1. I thought the Yorktown looks pretty much 95% identical to the old Oddy, except for the front-sweeping pylons. The angular one looks like an Eclipse (and weird) and yeah, the Sci variant is going to be indistinguishable from the Andromeda or the Yamato. Blah.

      I don’t mind the main hulls of the Rom ships — I never liked the boxy look of the Scimitar anyway (looks like a 1950 Cadillac) — but the new wings all look off. That Shamshir looks like Batman built it. The other two look skeletal/flimsy. So I don’t know.

      The KDF designs are the ones that most disappoint me. The design element that attracted me the most about the Bortas’qu is the thick, bulky main hull with a lowered “head” section, making it look like a hulking bear or bull ready to charge. These new ones all have thin lanky bodies and big heads (I’m going to avoid the obvious phallic comparisons here…) that don’t convey that same sense of bulk and power.

      I’m pretty sure we can use the old T5 ship skins for the new ships, but I hope they are also kitbashable with the new skins so we can customize things a bit more.

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      1. Yeah, after having gotten a better look at the KDF ships, I think I agree and I’d stick with the regular Bortasqu’ skin.

        And yes, the science variant of the Fed version just looks “meh” to me. If I wanted a Galaxy-class or Ambassador-class look-alike, I’d just get a Galaxy or Andromeda-class and be done with it.

        Also, I found this in the forum. It’s a list of all the T6 flagship consoles and what they do:



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