Flagships Return!

d2b59e49c57fa5b65b3ae33ba85c2af91454951515Woot! The flagships hit Thursday, and in a moment of ecstatic glee, I threw caution to the winds and dropped a whopping 10k Zen to get the full bundle!

Like I said before, I have a special soft spot for the flagships ever since I first started playing STO… and a large part of that is based on aesthetic preferences (and those beautiful special bridges). So far I haven’t done too much flying after I got the bundle — too busy getting my toons settled into the flagship rides — but I /am/ reminded that even though the new T6 flagships have some much needed improvements over their T5U counterparts, these ships aren’t for everyone. Here are some of my initial thoughts:

Federation T6 Flagships – Yorktown, Endeavor, Sojourner

I’m not entirely sold on the Galaxy-like saucer of the Sojourner especially, but the rest of the T6 parts provide good customization options for a new generation of Odyssey flagships. In my headcanon, Kala’s Odyssey-class Pallas Athena-A was heavily damaged at the Battle of Sol and had to be refitted; now it’s back in-service as the Pallas Athena-B with new and improved parts!

USS Pallas Athena-B

When I picked up the Command Battlecruisers in September, I did some high level comparisons with the T5U flagships that I was flying, and lamented at how the old favorites no longer measured up. Well the T6 Oddy nicely addresses a couple of the shortfalls of the T5U version: Inertia has been increased from 20 to 30 (no more ice-skating), a bit more extra hull, and of course the standard 13 Boff abilities which brings the T6  Oddy up to the level of the T6 Command Cruisers. In fact I feel the two lines of ships are so similar in performance and the way they play, it’s really up to a player’s personal aesthetic preference which one to fly.

Klingon T6 Flagships – Martok, Kahless, Gorkon

I was also not sold on the designs of the T6 Klingon flagships. The original Bortasqu looks like an angry bear or bull with its head down ready to charge, and the new T6s all look like giant lollipops with wings… but after toying with them, they’re starting to grow on me. The worst part about them is kitbashing the new parts with the original Bort doesn’t quite work…. maybe Cryptic will fix it later, but I’m not holding my breath.

IKS Worldbreaker

That said, I’m so desperate to put Gortusk back in a Bortasqu, I couldn’t care less about the new skins. More so than the Feds and the Roms, the T6 Klingon flagship stats really address the shortcomings of the original Bort: Inertia went from 18 to 30, Turn Rate from 5.5 to 6.5 (weird that it turns better than the Oddy now), hull increased (50887 vs Bort-50025 vs Tygokor-49335), Shield modifier boosted to 1.1, as well as 13 Boff abilities. Yep, the new stats make the Bortasque relevant again.

Here’s the tough part though: For the last little while Gortusk has been flying a T6 Fleet Mogh battlecruiser, and that compact little predator packs such a huge bite. That thing may not be as durable as the lumbering Bortasqu or Tygokor, but with its turn rate of 9 and inertia of 50, it’s much more maneuverable than the bigger ships. The 5-3 weapon layout makes it lethal on the approach, and its hybrid Lt.Cmdr Tac/Intel seat allows you to run OSS… it’s difficult for any cruiser to match. I still think the T6 Fleet Mogh is the most potent of the three (or four) ships discussed here!

Romulan T6 Flagships – Shamshir, Flambard, Korpesh

That Bat-ships all have weird wings, and really none of them looks as scary as the original Scimitar, but I like the new hulls because I never liked the 1950 Cadillac look of the Scim. These new ones actually look like Romulan ships! Admiral R’Jal is my one toon who has stayed in his Scimitar without flying anything else, so finally having a new ride is pretty exciting.

RRW Divine Wind

Of the three factions, the Romulans have the least amount of change from the T5U versions. Granted, the Scimitar has always been way ahead of the power curve of pretty much everything else, so it makes sense to narrow that gap by not giving the T6 version a wad of improvements, but it does make you wonder who would go out and buy this thing — literally the only changes I can see are the one additional Boff ability, and a +5 in Weapons power. Hardly worth 2500-3000 zen!

Flagship Consoles

These new ships come with a set of consoles (one each for the Tac, Eng and Sci versions, plus a console from the Krenim Event ship). I have the full set on a Yorktown for Heidy, just to try things out — my first thought is that the passive bonuses aren’t all that great, and the only set bonus worth getting is the 2-piece (Passive +Turn Rate and +Crit Chance). All four consoles come with clicky powers, which require action bar slots that I can’t spare… not to mention console slots which are just as valuable for something else. I’ll have to test them out to see if I want to use these consoles in my permanent builds, but I suspect I won’t use more than two (for the set bonus) if at all.


What do I think overall? Too early to tell. Not till I log some hours flying these new tubs, at least. But I’m pretty damned happy this gets three of my toons into new ships with old favorite looks. Can’t complain too much!


7 thoughts on “Flagships Return!

    1. Welcome! So in my humble opinion, you don’t need to run out to get the T6 Oddy because the T6 Arbiter is still arguably the better ship. But if you’re like me and can’t wait to get back into the beautiful Odyssey bridge, grab it now!

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      1. I’ve been thinking that too. My T6 fleet Arbiter is arguably better. I still wouldn’t mind having the T6 Endeavour just for the trait and the little improvements all around. Not sure if I want to spend all that money on it tho. I’m still saving up for a much-needed new computer.


  1. Yeah well, the ship trait that comes with the T6 Tactical Flagships (Super Charged Weapons) is tricky — it looks good on paper, but currently I don’t run torpedoes on two of my three flagships (the slow turn rates make torps less than ideal) so the trait is useless to me there.

    But the trait is good for everything else, especially my toons who fly the torp-shooting escorts.

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    1. I normally run 6 beams and 2 torps (1 fwd, 1 aft) so I think it would work out OK for me. With its current setup, my tac Ody is actually pretty maneuverable for such a big ship (it can actually out-turn a stock Intrepid), so I think it would do all right. My T6 fleet Arbiter would still cut it to pieces tho.


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