Saints Row 4

SR4I recently played through Saints Row 4 with Fungi; and I thought Saints Row 3 was crazy! SR3 was a zany/crazy/cartoon/irreverent version of Grand Theft Auto, but SR4 takes it to a whole new level…. yes, those are aliens in the picture.

Without going into too much detail, you are now the president of the U.S.A. when an alien invasion arrives…. and Earth loses. The planet is destroyed but the Zin keeps the survivors plugged into a computer simulation of Steelport. So yeah, it’s the same city/setting as SR3, but with alien soldiers running around. And it’s up to the Saints to defeat these virtual (and real) aliens.

The biggest difference in gameplay is that you get superpowers such as super-speed, super-jump, ice blasts and so on. This drastically changes the way the game is played, because now you’re speeding or leaping or flying across the city, rather than relying on vehicles. Fighting is a lot more cinematic too… never mind the weird alien weapons you pick up along the way (watch out for the Inflato-Ray that inflates enemies till they pop like balloons, the Dubstep Gun that kills with music, and the Rectifier Probe which is already featured in an earlier post).

To top it off, the character customization options in SR4 is even better than SR3! We had a ball just creating different character appearances. Here are the ones I used:


Here is Rebecca Lang in her new SR4 incarnation. SR4 has a lot more customization options such as hairstyles, which definitely make for better-looking and less cartoony characters.

Her other main alternate costume is the same one I used in SR3, i.e. the long trenchcoat. When she’s speeding up the sides of tall buildings in that getup, she’s a regular Trinity (a la Matrix)!



SashaSchoolThis is Sasha Bonilova, my alternate character on SR4. Unfortunately they got rid of the female Russian and Latina voices from SR3, and replaced them with French and Southern Belle voices. Oh well! So Sasha speaks with an inexplicable French accent. XD

Here you see Sasha in a sorority schoolgirl outfit, but her other favorites include a superheroine costume and a futuristic T&A dress!



LadyBullseyeThis is the lethal “Lady Bullseye”, who looks pretty badass when she’s wielding the katana weapon, leaping around slashing at baddies. 






RyoThis here is Ryo, a pretty ridiculous-looking guy who looks like he walked out of a Dragonball episode.  He’s also pretty badass when he’s kicking alien ass with his Super-Saiyan powers, like shockwaving enemies with ground-punches.






HorrorshowAnd finally, the aptyly-named Mister Horrorshow. He’s…. pretty self-explanatory. XD I like how you can put guys in g-strings and bras and high heels for maximum nightmare-inducement, hahahaha.






All in all SR4 is pretty fun to play, but like I said, because of the superpowers and the alien storyline, the game has a different feel than its predecessors. The one thing I’m not too fond of is collecting the power-ups to level up the superpowers: it can get a bit tedious after a while because you need literally hundreds, maybe a couple of thousands of those by the time you’re fully powered up… and you’re collecting them one at a time.


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