Skill System Revamp

Picard1This just in: Cryptic is implementing a skill system revamp for Star Trek Online.

Finally, a core game system that confuses and confounds just about every new player, and cost everyone Zen to correct (respec) down the road, is finally being addressed. And judging from the description, they’ll be improved at the same time! Certain skills that are currently extremely unpopular (i.e. useless) will be gotten rid of, turned into passives or folded into other skills. At the same time, a couple of new skills are added. Couple of things come immediately to mind:

  • Space and Ground get separate allotments of skill points.Yay!
  • Consolidation of a bunch of Science-y skills into “Drain Expertise” and “Control Expertise” should make things a lot cleaner for Science-focused characters, such as Heidy. Solid!
  • The new skill “Long-Range Targeting Sensors” is going to be a game-changer, by making cannons relevant again (the current game meta is that Beams>Cannons because of the severe cannon range damage drop-off). We may see more cannon-builds again! T’Leia and Congilla will rejoice! Excelsior! The skill description is:
    • Each rank purchased in this 3-point Skill will reduce the damage penalty experienced by being far away from the target of your energy weapons.
  • I am assuming everyone gets a “Free Respec” when the new system rolls out; this is always a good opportunity to clean up past mistakes.
  • The one worry I have is… as the new system is tweaked as player feedback starts coming in, will we have further chances to make changes to adapt to said tweaks? Or can we only do that with purchased Respec tokens again? Guess we’ll wait and see. Ummm.

Yup, this should be definitely interesting.



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