Agents of… Today?


The Agents of Yesterday expansion is officially out today (technically, it was last night, so yeah, that’s YESTERDAY!). >.>

Here is the official announcement.

While you’re there, look for the July 6th Expansion Notes too. It’s got some interesting tidbits in there, including a brief description of new expansion content, missions, lockbox, new specialization, new reputation, etc. There are also a fairly long list of fixes and changes included. The AOY pack that contains a bunch of TOS-inspired and Temporal ships, as well as various TOS costumes, is apparently also on sale for 6K Zen right now.

As I mentioned before, I don’t have an emotional attachment to TOS and the 60’s-styled designs (both ships and costumes) don’t interest me, so I don’t feel a huge urge to drop money on anything this time around. I /am/ curious about the new missions, the specialization and reps though, so tonight it’s time to roll up a new AOY toon. Alas, it doesn’t sound like Cryptic added a whole lot of space-barbie options in the AOY expansion, so maybe the new toon won’t be anything eye-poppingly spectacular. Still, I’m sure the new kid will get spotlight treatment here soon enough!




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