First Thoughts: Agent of Yesterday


I had my initial run through of the new AOY content in the last couple of nights, with a brand new TOS toon: the sassy and funky Foxy Brown! Long live the 60’s and 70’s! And boo for no huge Afro ‘do! Small ‘fro is the next best thing.Foxy

Anywho, here are my initial impressions of the latest STO expansion.

For someone who has minimal attachment to TOS, and thinks the TOS 1966-decor are outright tacky…. AOY surprised me with how fun and refreshing it turned out. dyjwiqeGranted, there was no change in gameplay, but the TOS aesthetical overlay was cheesily charming. The ships look appropriately crude, the ground environment look like cardboard sets, and there is no shortage of weird 60’s costume choices to be seen… all of this in a good way.

The new AOY missions feel fresh even though the gameplay is the same, and again it’s the TOS aesthetics that sold them. There is something wonderfully endearing with slowly maneuvering around in old TOS-styled cardboard ships and firing blue phasers with the screeching noise, and chasing smooth-headed klingons in budget set corridors. Cestus III look and feel like what I remember from the episode, and ohmygod rubber-suit Gorn are so squee-worthy.maxresdefault1 I particularly liked the Taureans, with their very B-movie monster feel, and the way their spears impale you every time is quite frightening. On a tangential note, this makes me really appreciate what TOS was able to do with low tech and limited budget; TOS actually went out of its way to make aliens look and feel properly different, something the rest of the franchise seems to have mostly forgotten with their infamous “forehead alien” designs.

The 23th Century Spacedock is charmingly drab compared to the 25th Century one (this is like going to your dad’s old Grease-inspired malt shop!), but because the place is filled with new AOY toons with fairly homogeneous costumes, it has a far more uniform appearance and is better for it. By comparison modern Spacedock looks like a comic book convention overrun by Cosplayers! Same goes for space — it’s filled with new toons in their starter T1 Pioneers, and an occasional T1 Connie — the uniformity makes it look more like a military harbor of standard ship designs.

star2btrek2bonline2bagents2bof2byesterday2bnautilus2bclassI haven’t yet decided whether to get the AOY starter pack, or the full AOY pack, or not get any at all, but Fungi did end up buying the full pack cuz he’s a TOS fan. There’s some funky goodies in the pack, including a crapload of ships ranging from 23c leveling ships, 26c Temporal ships and 31c Temporal ships, plus some TOS costume bits and assorted stuff. Personally I would never pay for leveling ships, and I don’t really like the design aesthetics of the 26c (although that Nautilus looks weird enough that I’d actually consider flying it) and 31c Temporal ships; stat-wise nothing is significantly better than what my toons currently fly, so I may decide to opt out of dropping money completely. That said, if you have a Romulan or KDF Science Toon, you may want to seriously consider the cross-faction Eternal-class Science Vessel; this may be the answer to a lot of Rom/KDF Sci-toons’ prayers.

Speaking of ships, the latest favorite appears to be the Vengeance from the JJ-verse… oh pardon me, it’s now officially called “Kelvin Timeline”. I was parked in ESD orbit last night and spotted three Vengeances already! sto-kelvin-epl-701-860x280

e1e869c02214048795418961caa8b1371467322914As for lockboxes, the JJ-Enterprise is going to be the big draw, but gosh the JJ-D4x-BoP and JJ-Rom-T’laru Carrier Warbird look delicious as hell too. Unfortunately since I don’t play the lockbox game, so I’ll never own any of these ships. Still, eye candy for me!

I haven only tried the two new STFs once or twice (“Days of Doom” and “The Battle of Procyon V”), but not enough to write about them intelligently, except for the problems that jumped out. I will likely post an update once I’ve run these a few more times.

All in all, my initial impression of the Agents of Yesterday expansion is very positive — certainly a lot more so than of Delta Rising. Cryptic managed to successfully capture the look and feel of TOS, and packaged it in a fun and refreshing way. My main complaint is that our stay in the 23rd Century is very brief, as at the end of the AOY missions we get whisked away to the main 25th Century timeline and I assume we become just regular Federation toons. I think that’s unavoidable, but also a bit sad that once we get past level 10 we are forever leaving the 23rd Century behind. I bet a lot of players would love to dress up in 1960 Sci-Fi costumes and hang around 23rd Century Spacedock, right? Surprisingly, AOY has managed to make someone like me want to spend time in a TOS setting, and that’s no small feat.





8 thoughts on “First Thoughts: Agent of Yesterday

  1. Hi Heidy, this is Scott, formerly known as Jay West – I decided to just use my real first name (Scott) from now on. I’m pretty much retired from the game now due to a combination of personal stuff I’m going thru, and no longer having access to a computer that I can play STO on (I had to return the Windows computer I’d been borrowing and I can’t play it on my old iMac since Cryptic killed the STO Mac client).

    But I do look forward to playing the TOS-themed stuff; it looks like a lot of fun. The only thing I’m kinda disappointed about is that it’s only for a few episodes and then it’s over, and like you said, you’re just back to being a regular 25th century STO toon and back to the same old grind. I wish they would’ve made it a persistent area that you could hang out in. Maybe by the time I can play again, they’ll have something like that, tho I wouldn’t count on it.

    The new JJ-Trek (or should I say Kelvin Timeline) ships looks awesome, tho I doubt I’ll be able to get any of them anytime soon. Frankly I’m just surprised that they actually went ahead and put any of the new movies’ stuff in the game at all. I never expected them to, but lo and behold, here we are. I imagine it would cost a lot of money to buy all the lock boxes I’d need to get those ships. Or as mentioned above, wait til they appear on the exchange and then buy them (for exorbitant amounts of EC).


    1. Ouch! Sorry to hear you’re forced off the game. Hopefully things clear up soon so you can come back.

      But yeah, as good as AOY/TOS content is, it’s very short-lived before you’re back being a regular Fed toon, so you’re not missing a whole hell of a lot. It’s hard to say right now but if there is popular demand, maybe Cryptic will add some TOS-themed gameplay later.

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      1. I’m wondering if maybe that’s part of their whole strategy, to just do the TOS and Kelvin Timeline-themed stuff on a trial basis and gauge people’s response to it, and then decide where to go from there based on that.


      2. And yeah, it kinda sucks but I was getting really burnt out on the game anyway so it’s not too big a deal for me. Long story short, my roommate (apartment-mate, actually) had been letting me use his old Windows gaming rig after he built his new one, but then he needed the old one for another computer he’s building, which he’ll probably sell (I’d do the same thing to be quite honest).

        So that effectively leaves me with no computer, and it’ll be a while before I can afford to buy a new one (I typed this on my phone). It’d probably be cheaper for me to just build my own computer, but I need the money for other, more important things right now, like paying my car off. :/


  2. I know all about STO burnouts. Lord knows I’ve my share of them in the past couple of years (really? It’s been couple of years? Wow). In fact, my last one was… between April and May. >.> I didn’t log on for a few weeks there, didn’t post much here either. But for whatever reason, I always come back…

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    1. 4 years for me (since I first started playing STO in June 2012). Yeah, I hear you on that. It just gets boring and repetitive after a while.

      On a semi-related note, you may have noticed that I disappeared from Steam. That’s because I deleted my Steam account. I deleted it because they changed something in there and it somehow took away my ability to chat with anyone unless I paid them at least $5 by buying something via Steam.

      Since they had nothing in there that I wanted to buy, I just had them delete my account as I couldn’t even chat with anyone in there anymore, either on my computer or on my phone with their mobile app.

      Now, I don’t mind Valve charging money for things, and they’re certainly entitled to run their business however they want to, but I’m also entitled to spend my money (or not spend it) however I want to. $5 is no big deal, but it’s the general principle; by taking away a feature that I’d been using just to grab some more money, it just didn’t sit well with me and they just ensured that I won’t want to send them any of my money. So that’s what happened there.

      You’d think with all the money they make off of game sales and other transactions in Steam, they could at least let us chat for free. But whatever… it is what it is til it’s something different, I guess.


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