Another Ship Sale, right now!

3df5944d15833ca0743f82df2232eb361454942364Nothing elaborate today, just a reminder that STO is having another 20% OFF ship sale that started yesterday August 12. If you’ve been eyeing anything in particular, now is the time to grab a shiny new ship!

That said I am holding off buying anything for two reasons. One, there isn’t a ship that I particularly want at this point; I would’ve loved to grab the 31st Century Temporal ship pack for their stats, but I just don’t like how they look. So generic Sci-Fi and so not Star Trek. I know beauty is skin deep, but I’m shallow that way!

And two, I’ve heard a few people suspecting that there are possibly some new ships just around the corner — I guess this pattern has happened before? A ship sale to drain players’ Zen reserves, then WHAM! Hit them with a new ship or ship bundle so they have to pay cash. Crafty, really. If this is true, I hope whatever ship/s is/are waiting in the wings are prettier than the temporal bunch we got with AOY…. possibly T6 versions of some old favorites that players have been begging for for a while (can we say… Sovereign? Vor’cha? Nebula? Vesta? And my personal fav, Luna?).

Nudge, nudge, wink, wink.


5 thoughts on “Another Ship Sale, right now!

  1. Thanks for the reminder, Heidy. I’m with you on the new 31st century ships, tho I don’t mind the Ouroboros raider, which looks OK (tho I’ve seen better). At least they’re fully cross-faction, so there’s that. Other than that I’m not too into them. I still can’t really play the game due to lack of a computer that’s compatible with STO, so I’m still out of the action for a while.


  2. I actually like the 31st century ships, but I play a lot of “aliens” so that’s just my preference.

    That said, if they are doing any t6 updates, I want my t6 Vo’Quv dangit. I’ve wanted a t6 version of the first real carrier since I started. =P


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