Wrapping up Enterprise


Last night I finished watching the entire run of Enterprise, which in itself is quite remarkable since I couldn’t do it with any of the other Star Trek series. You might recall that I tried to watch Voyager but couldn’t stay interested after the first seven or eight episodes of Season 1.

As I previously mentioned, I like the show’s premise, and I mostly enjoy the cast. The Xindi arc really tightened the narrative for Season 3, and there were a couple of real gems in Season 4, namely:

  • The “In a Mirror, Darkly” two-parter was fun! For old-time TOS fans the fate of the U.S.S. Defiant in “The Tholian Web” is revealed here. But the way they changed the opening theme to one that features humanity’s warlike nature and the rise of the Terran Empire was particularly interesting.
  • The Terra-Prime arc was very poignant. It showed a side of the Trek universe that was never really seen: humanity wasn’t as enlightened and noble as in later centuries, and you know what? That makes things more REAL. The radicals even made some valid points that are resonant of current politics: after the Xindi attack, how can you be sure there won’t be another hostile alien attack? Where were our Vulcan “friends” when the Xindi attacked? Terra Prime might be radicals and terrorists, but they are multidimensional radicals and terrorists that make them believable, rather than cardboard villains.
  • And then we come to the Season/Series Finale, “These are the Voyages…”. Let me just say… WOW, I was extremely disappointed! Listen, jumping ahead to when the NX-01 is slated to be mothballed in favor of a new generation of Warp-7 vessels? Yes, that makes sense! Heading back to Earth for a major historical ceremony? Absolutely. I was looking forward to Archer delivering his supposedly historical speech at the ceremony (since every schoolchild in the Federation evidently had to memorize it), and witness the signing of the Federation Charter! That would’ve been a proper farewell to the crew and cast of the show, the culmination of their heroic efforts of the past ten years. Instead? The whole thing was played out as a holodeck simulation for Riker and Troi — and they ended it before the actual ceremony. Jerks!!! To top it off, Trip was killed off for no good reason other than jerk some tears. The whole thing just felt disrespectful to the cast of Enterprise, because the finale wasn’t even their story, and the most momentous event in the birth of the Federation is reduced to the equivalent of a history book entry.

Oh well. At least the last 30 seconds of the episode was excellent, where they spliced together the three Enterprises and Picard/Kirk/Archer’s voiceovers of the famous “Where No Man Has Gone Before” speech. Gave me goosebumps there.


4 thoughts on “Wrapping up Enterprise

  1. Yep, I was pretty disappointed in the finale there too. There was supposed to have been a fifth season with the NX-refit (with the secondary hull added to accommodate the much larger warp core and larger deflector dish) but it was canceled. 😦


  2. I really liked Enterprise too. And I had the same reaction to the final episode.

    I enjoyed the way they tied up a lot of loose ends, I loved the characters, and the new look at old aliens was fun. Also, Jeffrey Combs as Shran was amazing.

    I’m the xindi arc my favorite but is when after years of having the best earth tech mocked by vulcans, andorians, and nearly every other race Archer finally gets to show off. When he is sharing the scans they took of the sphere, and the primate is surprised that a warship had such scientific capabilities and Archer explains the enterprise is not a warship but an exploration vessel, that was just so satisfying.

    Since you’ve seen all of them now, you might enjoy “the captains”. Shatner interviews everyone else, even Pine.


    1. I actually saw “The Captains” a couple of years ago. That was quite an interesting watch! It was the first time I realized that Avery Brooks is a bit of a fruitcake in real life. 😉

      But that last episode… I think I feel so disappointed in it because of what could have been. It could have been something spectacular and momentous in Trek history (i.e. Birth of the Federation). It could’ve been the perfect swan song. Bah!


  3. Watched last episode just 3 days ago with my wife.
    She is one of those “c’mon…thats SciFy stuff…” wifes and I had one of my greatest moments ever during the last 30 seconds with the famouse “Where no man has gone before” when I noticed a small tear running down her cheek. Epic what Enterprise can do.

    IMHO Enterprise is my favorite shows of all so far. The cast is great and I just love their acting (Scott Bakula is just awesome).
    After the last episode I watched the first 3 episodes of Deep Space Nine and I was like…”How did THIS survive?”….


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