“Lost” Agents of Yesterday missions(?)

kelvin_timeline_bridge__7th_camera_angle__by_salacnar-da7bsfzAs most players are aware, three new missions were added to the Future Proof story arc when AOY came out, namely “The Core of the Matter”, “Vorgon Conclusions” and “Terminal Expanse”. However, these three missions don’t seem to follow any mission/arc sequence, and they don’t pop up telling you they are available. I believe “The Core of the Matter” popped by while I was leveling up my AOY toon, but the other two never did.

So if you’ve somehow missed these missions, make sure you go back and run them! Why? Not only because these are new missions, but they do answer a few questions about the current state of AOY.

“The Core of the Matter” takes place back in the 23rd Century, and explains the connection between 23C Romulans and the Na’khul. If you’ve been running the STF “Miner Instabilities”, this mission may shed some light on why you’re fighting those two factions on the same map. Nevertheless, the two factions ended up fighting each other at the end of the mission, so… maybe it doesn’t completely explain their connections in the STF. Anywho… it’s still fun to see a very 60’s-styled Romulan Academy, as well as 23C cadets’ fashion sense (boxing headgear for the boys and miniskirts for the gals)!

Likewise, “Vorgon Solutions” wraps up Dano’s story, as well as why the Vorgon threw in with Noye and the Na’khul and the Sphere Builders at Procyon V, and why that Vorgon dude has such a hate-on for you in “Temporal Reckoning”. Since I didn’t discover Vorgon Solutions until recently, I was always confused by Boratus as a boss — it was definitely a case of “Sorry, do I know you? Your name doesn’t ring a bell.” — but now I know! I killed his bitchy girlfriend.

See? I didn’t forget. Just blame time travel nonsense.

Last but not least, “Terminal Expanse” actually drops you in the Kelvin Timeline, where you get to blow up some JJ-verse Klingon D4s, kill some JJ-Klingons on the ground, get to interact with 0718 and spend some time on the JJ-Connie’s lens-flared bridge. That’s actually pretty neat! That mission does kinda provide an in-game explanation why Kelvin ships are suddenly showing up in the prime universe. I am certainly more willing to accept a fleet of JJ-Connies and Vengeances showing up at ESD now!

P.S. This is the first time I’ve taken a close look at the JJ-Connie’s bridge, and I finally realize what bugs me the most: THE BLOODY FLOOR LIGHTING. Who thinks that’s a good design??! This thing is a nightmare for ergonomics and human fatigue management. It’ll distract the crew. It’ll give them headaches after prolonged exposure. This is not a disco dance floor! What purpose do these lights serve???


6 thoughts on ““Lost” Agents of Yesterday missions(?)

    1. Fatigue management is one of the concerns I have in my work area, so this really bugged me. Just look at all the lights under the captain’s chair; how is he going to see anything on his armrest displays? You can also tell that the floor lights are spilling all over the edges of the helmsman/navigator stations; they would be constantly averting their eyes to focus on their screens.

      I mean geez, there is a reason why in all of human history lighting fixtures have been designed to be overhead. Even neanderthals knew to hold their torches UP.

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      1. Yeah, it doesn’t seem very ergonomic or practical. They should at least give us the ability to turn those floor lights off.


  1. thanks for pointing these missions out, I would not have guessed, but haven’t been playing the game as much lately been busy working. so you say these missions are on the future proof story arc, probably as I finish playing the other mission they will no double show up.


    1. No problem! That’s why I wanted to point them out here — because as I said these newly added missions don’t follow a particular sequence and they mostly don’t seem to pop up, so you have to actively go find them.

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  2. OK, I did those missions this past weekend. Wow… You weren’t exaggerating about those ridiculously bright lights in the floor on the KT Connie (or “Katie,” as I like to call it) bridge. I’d need to wear sunglasses to sit in there. I’d have to turn them off somehow.


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