Agents of Yesterday Catchup

Foxy in the 25th Century. No more disco Afros!

It’s been almost two months since AOY came out; here’s a quick catchup on where I am at with the expansion.

It was mighty generous of Cryptic to roll out a bonus XP week shortly after AOY hit. Foxy took advantage of that and hit level 60 on the last day of the bonus week — which frankly felt a bit odd given how underdeveloped her gear, reputation and Doffs were at that point in time. The subsequent Upgrade week/weekend helped a bunch with her gear at least, after Heidy crafted/upgraded some weapons and handed them over to Foxy. In the meantime Foxy cycled through several T6 ships for the Mastery Traits, and has now settled in her destined ride: a Fleet T6 Arbiter-class Battlecruiser, U.S.S. Vendetta.

Yeaaaah, I know what you’re thinking. How come none of my Fed toons fly an Arbiter?? It’s criminal! This is one helluva ship!

Just for fun I decided to run Tetryon weapons on the Vendetta, mainly because it’s an energy type I’ve never run before and I recall several mission rewards were Tetryon-based, but also because Tetryon weapons/consoles tend to be a lot cheaper on the Exchange. Yes I know the current meta is that Tetryons are the least effective energy type, but the blue beams are pretty though!

Without a whole lot of dilithium, Foxy currently doesn’t run a lot of the higher-grade gear. Right now she uses the Kobali space gear set; along with the Samsar Warp Core, this is a pretty decent free set to use. In addition to the crafted Tetryon weapons from Heidy, Foxy also managed to afford the Nukara rep console and the dual beam bank for Tetryon damage boost, as well as the Neutronic torpedo plus the accompanying Delta rep console. It’s still a build-in-progress but for such a “young” toon she is surprisingly effective.

Foxy has already finished all the story missions and arcs that yield AOY bonus rewards. Somewhat frustratingly, I have hit every single one of the Temporal Probes in the story missions, yet the game didn’t register all of them. When I looked through the AOY rewards, there are 6 or 7 missions that I didn’t get the Temporal Probe reward where I know I interacted with them. Looks like I have to go back to re-run those. Boo!

The most challenging thing so far is obtaining quality Doffs! Foxy is lucky enough to have three of my Fed toons throwing extra Doffs her way, but even then accumulating good Doffs is slow-going.

She has maxed out all Reputations except the new Temporal one, which with Heidy’s sponsorship will be complete in another 5 or 6 days.This is the most interesting part because once Foxy has maxed out all Reps, it unlocks a rep gear upgrade for all the toons (instead of Mk XII Very Rare Rep gear, all future purchases become Mk XIII Ultra Rare). For someone who hasn’t worried with upgrading my gear in rarity, this is a pretty significant improvement for most of my toons. All my main toons run some version of reputation gear; to repurchase all of them plus upgrading them to MkXIV is going to be expensive, but definitely worthwhile. Time to start farming for marks and crafting Tech Upgrades!

My original intention was that once all the AOY rewards have been unlocked, Foxy will go join my Delta Recruits and banking toons in the secondary pile… but she is proving to be reasonably effective. Will she prove herself and graduate to become one of my primary toons? Will she rise to become a new star? Will she escape the Joker’s death trap and bring him to justice? Will Gotham ever be safe again? Stay tuned next week, same Bat time, same Bat channel!


10 thoughts on “Agents of Yesterday Catchup

  1. Tetryon can be pretty good especially when used with the tholian tech offered in the reputation system. The temporal probes have to be opened, video watched and then click on it again just to be sure.


    1. Live and learn! I was relying on the Mission summary during play; I made sure the “Temporal Probe’ line turned green before moving on, but obviously that’s not enough of a confirmation… and now I have to rerun 6 story missions.


  2. I’ve been leveling up my AOY toon too, but I haven’t been on much lately so he’s only level 55 (I think). I have the Arbiter too and highly recommend it, especially the fleet version (which I also have). I’ve just got the usual phasers and photon torpedos on mine (USS Katana NX-97521). It’s been surprisingly effective with just the purple Mk X weapons I got as a reward from AOY. Now I just need to upgrade them (which will take some time as I have little dil or EC). I’ll work on that toon and ship some more this weekend if I have time.


    1. Frankly if you don’t have a whole lot of time to play and short on resources, you shouldn’t worry about upgrading your AOY toon’s gear. Just level him and get the AOY bonus rewards, which are substantial, but once your reap the goodies you can safely retire the AOY toon himself. Even this can be a long haul, since getting the full benefits mean finishing all the story missions (up to the Delta story arc), maxing out all the Reps, and getting 3 primary specializations filled out.

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      1. Well, so far I’ve got most of the AOY stuff done, so I should be OK. I’m kind burnt out and semi-retired from the game anyway so I just haven’t been that into it lately. But I’ll eventually get it all done.


  3. Wow, you are way farther than my Agent. Mine is 53 and just finished the romulan arc. I did skip ahead just enough to open both spheres, and i am also running tetryon in an arbiter. though the ship is temporary I’m just unlocking the trait, this one will end up in some flavor of temporal ship.

    if you got the xyfius from risa i recommend trying its trait with your arbiter. mines do full damage vs bare hull and tets strip away shields exposing hull.


    1. Oh, hmm, that’s an interesting trait I never paid attention to before. I do have access to the Xyfius but I’ve never bothered to fly it. Time to give it a test drive! 😀

      Also, the Xyfius console would be so good for a Tetryon ship, but alas it’s only usable on Vorgon ships. Suck!


      1. you can get the tholian sticky web console on the auctionhouse for less than 1m, it gives a 25% tet damage bonus plus holds one ship. unmoving ships lose all defense bonuses. it has been working well for me.

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