Heidy’s Rotation for Dilithium Farming, 2016 Update

DilmineI posted about my daily dilithium farming routine over a year ago; things have changed in the meantime that I thought I’d post an update.

I am going to be referring back to the original post, since most of that information is still valid. I’ll just note the changes along the way.

Things I still do daily:

Doff Assignments – What I previously said about Doffing assignments is still true: it remains the cornerstone of my daily dilithium income. Having bought an Account Bank since then, now all my toons pool their contrabands and the Feds always get their daily 2000 dil reward from “Turn in Contraband” assignments.

For completeness’ sake, I should point out the main “hotspots” for finding marauding missions that reward Contraband. The map below shows the routes I take, which I’ve found to yield the best results:stomaraudingmap

Those are the two routes I generally take, depending on where I start – either Q’onos or DS9. The Q’onos route is longer, but usually yields better results; note how I zigzag my way up to hit sectors on both sides of my route. The DS9 route is much shorter; one thing to note is always circle back to the east end of the Bajor sector at the end of the route, because oddly it sometimes gives you different missions than your starting point at DS9.

Admiralty System – The single biggest change to dilithium farming is the introduction of the Admiralty System in October of 2015. Why? Well, even though the Admiralty missions are randomly generated, there are enough of them that reward dilithium (in addition to XP, expertise, EC and so on).  Generally speaking the Klingon Admiralty missions yield the best Dilithium rewards, and in addition every time you complete the Klingon Tour you are rewarded a bonus 30,000 dilithium.

Optional Activities:

Reputation Marks Activities – I no longer need Rep Marks to feed the Reputation Hourly Projects (see below), but I still run these activities when I can for the daily Mark bonuses, as well as for the dilithium rewards… mainly because most of these are relatively easy and quick to run. Nowadays I definitely don’t run all of these anymore; maybe one or two from the list for each toon.

  • Borg Red Alert – Omega Marks + 480 dil. Same as before. With the powercreep that has been happening in-game, most of my main toons can solo a Red Alert nowadays so this is fairly reliable to do.
  • Tholian Red Alert – Romulan + Nukara Marks + 960 dil. Same as before. And as above, with the powercreep this can usually be done within 5 minutes now.
  • Na’kuhl Red Alert – This is a weird one because it’s a STF disguised as a Red Alert. Takes longer because it really is a STF, but it does reward 720 dil and your choice of Marks – ANY marks, which is very nice. The tricky part is I have heard reports of under-geared, rookie PUGs failing to complete it after excruciatingly long runs, so definitely keep this in mind.
  • Crystalline Catastrophe Advanced – This remains the single most popular STF queue to date, and with the powercreep this STF doesn’t take very long at all. Rewards 720 dil in Advanced and choice of Fleet or Nukara marks, so very worthwhile to do.
  • “Hail Joint Command” in Solanae Sphere – Dyson Marks + 480 dil. If I’m out that way, I’ll run this since it takes less than 5 minutes.

Tau Dewa Patrols (Acamar/Beta Thoridar/Carraya)  – These are still good, quick dil income for minimal effort if you’re in the area.

Academy Mid-term Exam/Lore of the Empire  – Wait, this is essentially free 480 dil everyday, why is it an optional activity now? This is because my dil income is high enough that I can choose not to spend the time transporting/running/game-loading to Starfleet Academy or the Loremaster. This is especially true if I am spending time at DS9 – I’m certainly not transwarping back to Earth or Q’onos just to take a test!

Rare Activities

These are the activities that I only do once in a long while, mainly when I’m specifically after the marks and typically when I’m doing it with friends.

Reputation System Hourly Projects (Continued Support) – The Terran and Temporal reps have been added since my last writeup, so technically you can get 3060 dil from doing this alone. While this used to be a core part of my daily dilithium income, I’ve found that for the most part the Admiralty system (and other assorted stuff) generates sufficient dilithium ore now that I no longer do these hourly projects, but it’s still nice to have this as an option if I do find myself short.

Kobali Prime Run – Still worthwhile if you need Delta and Iconian marks.

New Romulus Run – I only run this if my friends want to. Still pays decent dil rewards but otherwise takes up too much time.

Voth Battlezone – Likewise, I only run this if friends want to. Decent dil rewards but definitely takes too much time.


Foundry Missions – While I love playing Foundry missions, ever since the Foundry rewards got broken by the new season, I haven’t touched them. I do feel like I should give them a try again, although in the last while I’ve been busy building up the AOY toon so time to sit down and play has been limited.


The list is fairly unchanged.

Nimbus – Again, takes too long and too far away.

Aiding the Deferi – Same.

Federation/Empire Defense – Takes too long.

Asteroid Dilithium Mining – BORING!


10 thoughts on “Heidy’s Rotation for Dilithium Farming, 2016 Update

  1. You can solo a Borg Red Alert? Wow. I can solo everything in it except that last big ship at the end, because I simply don’t have the gear and firepower to take that thing down. 😦 I still get good XP from it tho, even if I fail. Sometimes that’s all I need to get my next specialization point.


    1. For the most part, yeah my main toons can do that. The escort gunboats might die a few times, and the BFAW cruisers may take a bit longer, but eventually they can bring the Unimatrix down.

      The biggest headache fighting that thing are those super energy torpedoes that can one-shot any ship. The time it takes to respawn allows the big cigar to heal, and the more times you die the longer the respawn becomes. If you die more than 4 times it will heal so much you won’t have time to kill it.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. This is why if I see one of those plasma balls floating around, I target it first so it won’t disintegrate me or anyone else, because it sucks to have to re-spawn, and by that time the unimatrix might’ve launched regeneration probes and healed itself, and you have to start over again. Not awesome.


    2. And on that note, I may need your advice on gearing up my ship, because my DPS is just pathetically low and I can solo a cube or two, but that’s about it.


  2. I include the fleet dil mine and research lab doff missions because not only are they great dil and ec, they give extra refining capacity (8’000/ day becomes 8’500/ day) to the tune of 150’000/ month. plus those provisions really help my fleet.

    But since i have over 20 characters, i don’t actually focus on any single routine, i do different stuff every day depending on which characters i log into.


  3. (in response to your comment)

    Thank you, Heidy, I appreciate that. I’m still having to borrow my flatmate’s old gaming PC just to be able to play, until I can afford to buy or build a new computer. My antiquated 2008 iMac just isn’t gonna cut it. lol


    1. you should be fine on that. i’d been playing on a 2007 aluminum imac until last year. i used a windows partition not virtualization I dunno if that makes a difference. Your settings are likely to be the main concern. turn off shadows, bloom, anti aliasing and reduce particle count below 50. also simplifing the ui helps. i turned off ALL floating numbers, player names, titles, astrometrics, etc. These guys hurt performance way more than they add to the visuals.

      That said, a good computer is a wise investment.


  4. You can also do a R&D mission from your Fleet Science Lab that grants 1,800 Dil if you have the mats for it that is on a 20 hour cool down that I think you forgot. And it’s super easy if you have the materials and if you don’t just go to the Exchange they sell for cheap enough.


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