Another Minor Shitstorm, but what else is new?


This limited-time promotional item came out yesterday:

For a limited time only starting today, players will be able to purchase the Key Ring Bundle! This special pack includes 20x Master Keys (used to open any Lock Box) for the price of 2250 Zen.

As an additional special promotional offer when purchasing this bundle, every pack also includes a single Ultimate Tech Upgrade. Applying this item to any upgradeable piece of equipment will instantly set both its Mark and Quality to maximum (usually Mk XIV and Epic/Gold quality) with zero Dilithium Cost!

This promotional bundle will be available in the C-Store beginning now through ending on October 10, 2016.

Predictably, it caused a bit of a shitstorm. Again.

Some people are ENRAGED that this is now a thing. It’s “Pay to Win” bullshit! You throw some money, and you buy a thing that allows you to instantly upgrade one piece of gear to EPIC! That is totally unfair to people who…

…wait, how did people get their gear to epic before? Oh, that’s right, they threw money at it. Lots of dilithium and EC and stuff to be sure, but let’s see, for those of us who didn’t have the money or dedication to grind all our gear to Mk XIV Epic, isn’t that also “Pay to Win”?

I get it. Really, I do. Some people are annoyed that because it cost them a lot more time and money to get everything to Mk XIV epic, a short-cut (don’t forget it’s a limited time offer!) is seen as TOTALLY UNFAIR to them. Let the rest of the peasants toil in the mud. Never, ever let them have a chance to catch up, right? Once upon a time I bought Graga Mal from the Exchange for a hefty 29 million EC, and guess what? Agents of Yesterday comes along and it gives you a free Doff who does the exact same thing! Was I annoyed? Yeah, a little bit at first. But that’s how capitalism works; I paid a premium for something I got to use before it was widespread, and it’s unreasonable to expect that thing will be my unique toy forever. Look at iPhone 6’s introduction; in the first week when it first came out, them phones were flipped on the secondary market for thousands of dollars. People knew more phones will be available in the weeks to come, yet they were still willing to pay a premium for… what? The privilege of owning it before others did. Yet at the same time they were very aware that in two to four weeks, everyone and their brother is going to have an iPhone 6. That’s the reality of things.

For those of us who never bothered to push gear to Mk XIV Epic… guess what? This isn’t going to entice us to shell out a ton of money either. This bundle is in fact a good deal if you are planning to buy Master Keys, but the Ultimate Upgrade on its own is insufficient to draw me in to buy the bundle. It may be a comparatively cheap way to upgrade gear to Mk XIV Epic, but it’s still way, way too expensive for my taste. I need to buy 4 bundles (for 9000 zen, USD$90) just to fully upgrade one reputation space set for one toon?!! Really, reread that sentence and tell me that’s not crazy talk. That’s a lot of money that can be spent in far better ways, in-game or out of it.

So yeah, take a deep breath and relax. This isn’t going to break anything.


6 thoughts on “Another Minor Shitstorm, but what else is new?

  1. LOL… Very well said, Heidy. People just need to chill.

    And I remember that whole issue with the iPhone 6, when scalpers were buying them and then flipping them for thousands of dollars when they first came out. All people had to do was be patient and do like I did when I got mine, and wait a little while. But if people want to blow all that extra money just to have that exclusivity for… what, a week or two? maybe? …then that’s their prerogative and that’s how capitalism works, I guess.

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  2. OK, I just did the math on what it would take to upgrade all my stuff on my main ship… 23 gear slots total, so 23 of those bundles. 2250 x 23 = 51750 zen = $517.50. Damn. I’m not balling on that level just yet. lol


    1. Oh no, you’d never do that with consoles and weapons that give you a random modifier as it goes up in quality.

      I actually went back and repurchased most of my main toons’ reputation gear, after I was entitled for the AOY Ultra-Rare upgrade. So now most of them are flying with UR Mk XIII gear? Performance-wise they are roughly similar to the old Very Rare Mk XIV items, but I didn’t even bother to upgrade these new ones to Mk XIV until an upgrade weekend. Too expensive even without the rarity upgrade!

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      1. Good point. I want to be able to choose which modifiers I get, so I normally buy my weapons and consoles from the exchange, and then upgrade them later when I can afford to.


  3. In every game people rage about p2w vs play2w. I think my favorite argument is still “win what?”

    MMOs don’t have end points, there is always new gear coming out, there is always another challenge. So, how do you win an MMO? Maybe some of the pure open world pvp games you could have a rich guild dominate the whole map. But STO isn’t like that.

    I think if people played like it was a game, instead of like it is SRS BZNS perhaps they’d have more fun.

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    1. Well said. I’ve never really been concerned with “winning” (whatever that even means) in STO; at endgame it’s basically down to “Space Barbie” (customizing your outfits and ships), grinding for gear and gear upgrades, the occasional new story content, and just hanging out with friends in the game.


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