Fleet Holding First Look: K-13 Consoles, Kit Modules, Traits and TOS-Themed Weapons

New upcoming fleet holding expansion, with a bunch of new stuff? Yikes, the new traits are going to get expensive!

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K-13 has finally made its way to the Tribble Test server, offering up a first-hand view of the upcoming kits, consoles (OMG Penetration), and gear.  This first post contains fairly hi-res images – you’ve been warned – sorry for the long load times.

Note: details are subject to change before it comes to Holodeck.

Fleet Holding:

Currently, temp images are used for the holding. This fleet holding has three tiers as expected.




Interior Map:


Interior Shots:


Trait Enhancements:

This is new – it appears to be Upgrades to existing personal space and ground traits for your character.  How much of an improvement I’ll leave for the math team.



Five new kit modules based on weapons from classic TOS episodes.



Three categories of modules, each with variations of hull hardness, weapon penetration, power transfer and turn rates. (Missing one image).


Ground Weapons:

In addition to a full range of Advanced…

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One thought on “Fleet Holding First Look: K-13 Consoles, Kit Modules, Traits and TOS-Themed Weapons

  1. On one hand, part of me is thinking, “(sigh) Great… Another fleet holding and more stuff to grind for.” But on the other hand, some of this stuff does look interesting and worth grinding for. So I’m OK with it.


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