Ship Sale October 2016 – New Acquisitions


It’s been a while since we had a ship sale… or it felt that way at least, but there is one going on now!

I have had some Zen squirreled away for a while now, and even though I wasn’t too fond of the 26th and 31st Century ships, there is one particular boat that I’ve been eyeing. So with the unexpected sale, I jumped and went ahead to grab the weirdo boat.

Oh, I also grabbed the 31st C bundle, just cuz. I still think they look terrible (with the exception of the Batwing), but their stats are good and the fact that they are cross-section make the bundle worthwhile. I’ll have to fly them around and try them on for size.

Heidy’s new ride, NCC-105051 U.S.S. Oculus

But back to the weirdo ship — which just happens to be the 26th Century Nautilus-Class Temporal Science Vessel. This odd-looking Pie-Demon-Barge of the Spaceways looks like the result of a wild, unspeakable night of awesome threesomes between a tadpole, a pizza-cutter and a tricycle. As weird as it looks, the Nautilus design is still a lot more palatable than the alternate Daedalus skin… which looks like something a 3rd grader put together for his science project, with stuff he found laying around after his parents got freaky. Not good, not good.

Looks aside, the Nautilus has some interesting stats that originally made me consider it as an upgrade for Heidy. The USS Cassini is a Fleet Pathfinder and a great exotic Science platform, but a head-to-head comparison between these two ships shows some interesting facts.


Hmm. Lil bit funky? In terms of base stats, the Nautilus is better in every category except for hull strength: It has more shields, turns better, moves faster, and has more power. Tactical consoles are also considered better than Engineering consoles, although it’s a wash for Heidy since she slots mainly universal consoles.

The Boff seats are a slightly different matter. Since I am porting over Heidy’s Pathfinder build to the Nautilus, the latter’s Boff seats allow the same exact setup, with one Tactical ability upgraded from Lt. to LtCmdr, so that is an improvement for her specific build. On the other hand, the Pathfinder’s last seat (Lt. Universal) is far superior to the Nautilus’ counterpart (Ensign Tactical), allowing for far more build flexibility. That one seat is what makes the Pathfinder such a versatile ship and keeps it relevant, as it allows for a super-heavy Science build, whereas the Nautilus forces you into a more tactical bend.

Of course, the Nautilus, like the rest of the Temporal ships, also has the Molecular Reconstruction innate ability. Heidy’s build benefits from the Support Configuration (since it only penalizes Energy Weapon Power… which she runs at minimum anyway) with bonus Exotic damage, Control expertise and Aux power. This puts the Nautilus even further ahead than the Pathfinder!

Since it’s a Temporal Ship, there are also two Boff seats that allow for Temporal Boff abilities. This is all new to me, so I don’t know how effective these abilities are, but I intend to test things out. If they prove to be useful I may replace my Graga Mal reverse-TBR because these days it’s no longer seeing a lot of use on Heidy’s current build, but it would also mean replacing one of my very few Engineering heals for a Temporal Entropy builder. Decisions, decisions!


3 thoughts on “Ship Sale October 2016 – New Acquisitions

  1. That is one strange-looking ship. I’ve been calling it “the pizza cutter” for a while now. lol

    And the Daedalus… yeah, it does kinda look like… what you described. I can’t un-see that now. lmao


  2. Reports are that temporal powers are the top damage dealers. I have the ships but havent played with the new powers yet.

    I thought about getting the t6 scimitar bundle, but i need new shoes more. maybe next sale.


    1. Regarding the Scimitars, I was just commenting to a friend the other day about them. My Romulan toon has flown a T5U, and now a T6 Scimitar for almost two years now; while it’s true that Scimitars are still top-tier damage dealers, I have grown rather dissatisfied with their extreme poor handling lately. Of the T6 flagships, only the Scimitars didn’t get an Inertia upgrade, and the 20 Inertia continues to be a nightmare to maneuver the ship into position. Recently there is a new a bug that randomly triggers my Scimitar’s Red Alerts when out of combat and prevents it from going to full throttle, which further makes maneuvering a headache. It’s never been particularly “fun” to fly, but now it’s actually a chore.


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