Fistful o’ Ships

7bf79b1ae8a31d4b6e34724022b5ecd11472710055Many  proud owners of the Galor, Jem’Hadar Dreadnought and Jem’Hadar Heavy Escort were left in tears, as yesterday’s patch came out with T6 versions of those three ships!

(Or perhaps “left in rage” is more apt…)

This is, of course, not really news, as the T6 Keldon and JH ships came out on the console versions a few weeks ago. Although I am not personally in the market for one of these, I do like them (you know, the whole canon and recognition mentality), and Fungi’s toon Nayra is modeled as a Vorta (her whole bridge crew are likewise modeled after Vorta and Jem’Hadar), so she would be interested in one of these ships.

The introduction of these T6 upgrades is a bit unusual, and also caused some weird reactions from the playerbase. In no particular order:

  1. I may be mistaken about this, but aren’t these the first T6 ships to go directly to an Infinity Box, without hogging the spotlight with their own special lockbox? Except for the Heavy Escort, of course, which is a lobi store item. Does this make them the “direct to video” version of bad Hollywood movies?
  2. Some current owners of the Galor and Jem’Hadar ships have been loudly asking whether they get a free pass to the T6 ships. Which is an odd question to ask, really, because there has been no precedence for that. If you bought a T5 Oddy, you’re going to buy a brand new T6 at full price, no freebie here. Dunno why they expect preferential treatment.
  3. People have been reporting the Exchange prices of T5 Galors going UP, doubling from 100m EC to 200m EC last night, which seems to surprise everyone (certainly surprised me). The only viable explanation is that if collectors view the retired T5s as ‘vintage vanity items’, which admittedly is a pretty thin argument especially when the new T6 ships can use the old T5 skins. I’m looking at market manipulation here.
  4. With T6 Cardassian and Dominion ships now available, I personally take that as a sign that any Dominion/Gamma Quadrant-based faction is pushed outside the current development window. It was a pipe dream anyway, but now I can officially give up on it.

sto-enterpriseOn top of the Dominion and Cardassian ships, there’s been hints and leaks that point at other ships that may be incoming. It looks like the oft-requested T6 Nebula is in the works, and this Star Trek Attack Wing promo seems to imply that a T6 Sovereign is ready for release. Neither of these ships was part of a cross-faction bundle in their T5 incarnations, so does that mean the Klingons and Romulans are left out twisting in the wind again? I’m not sure if there is any essential Romulan design that still needs some T6 love, but I know many KDF players are still eagerly waiting for the Vor’cha and Vo’quv.


8 thoughts on “Fistful o’ Ships

  1. I was kinda hoping they’d make a Dominion or Cardassian faction too, but I never expected it to actually happen. And I would like a T6 Sovereign.


    1. The Sovereign has a sexy silhouette and looks very very nice. Hopefully it gets better stats with the T6 upgrade (the T5 version is way too engineering-focused to work with the current metas), and some spice to set it apart from all the T6 Fed cruisers we’ve gotten already.

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      1. I suspect you could make a quite decent t5 sovvie out of Atem’s eject warp plasma build. That one was specifically designed to use lots of engineer slots.

        But fortunately even of they don’t change much else, it is pretty safe to say at least one engineer seat would end up with a specialization at t6 and that would open up a world of options.


  2. Likely chance all the ships primarily featured in all the TV shows and movies might get a T6 since they would want a similar ship look-for-look. The idea of a T6 in a mechanical concept is just a method to build on top of the “end game” feature of the game. It’s unfortunate but it is the game.

    If they follow this line of shipbuilding, cruisers are going to be very engineer packed.


    1. I can see some potential problems already, namely how do you make the remaining T6 updates attractive — aside from the recognition value? I’ve been waiting for a T6 Luna for a long time (my first love!). but with the gimmicks packed into the new T6 Science ships such as Temporal powers or Intel powers, how does an old design compete even in updated format? Unless they introduce a whole new suite of gimmicks, the remaining T6 ships are going to have a tough time selling.


      1. As much as I like added the hybrid bridge slots, there are a bunch of ships that go thorough unused because of the tier system. What’s to say everyone will abandon T6 when T7 ships comes out with bigger and better things?


      2. Well, there are no cruisers with pilot powers. And not every combination of seats is out thete either; just like the two flavors of sheshar dteadnaught.

        Strategy is currently captain only, but i could see some new ship gimmick or console or trait (or all three) that synergize with it on a new ship.

        There are also the unconventional ideas, like the nandi being the only ship with six bridge officers, even though the same total number of powers. That could make a new ship stand out. What about a ship with significantly changed hull and shield values for its class combined with a unique set of mastery 1-4 bonuses?

        I can see lots of ways they can still provide variety. Gorngonzolla is a pretty creative guy. I’m sure he’s looking at stuff i haven’t imagined.


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