Feature Episode: Echoes of Light (and other stuff)


The new feature episode that came with the giant patches is “Echoes of Light”, which focuses on the Lukari’s (who we met in the episode “Sunrise”) first steps towards interstellar travel. We are essentially playing Vulcans during the Enterprise era, shepherding a new spacefaring species along the way.

There has been mixed reviews about this episode, although I think there are more positive than negative. The players who didn’t like it cited “boring” as the main reason, with too much clicking and scanning stuff. Actually I think “boring” is the wrong descriptor — this episode is much more focused on exploration, including encounters with some pretty awe-inspiring Cosmozoans, the mystery of a dead civilization, and the rediscovery of the K13 station. It’s markedly fresh and different from the normal ‘pew-pew’ fare, and feels much closer than an actual Star Trek episode. Yes it’s slow-paced, but I will take this any time over mindless fighting. Remember all the Delta Rising patrol missions? All shooting and no thinking involved. Now THAT was BORING.

agent3-1024x576Both the space around Draconis 20 and the planetary surface are rendered beautifully; I’m sure they’re enhanced by the brand new lighting system (which I will get to in a minute). The only nitpick I have about the mission is ironically K13’s interior — you know how everyone, including myself, has always complained about the ridiculously sized ship and station interiors? Well K13 actually corrected the scale, and lo and behold, the NPCs have all sorts of difficulty navigating the narrow corridors. I spent more time getting them through doors than fighting the enemies!

Also, the Lukari ship in the episode turns out to be a Warp-4 vessel, which makes sense! Unfortunately that ships looks…. a bit… too… phallic… >.> <.< You’ll know what I mean when you see it.

Ultimately, those are a minor quibbles about an otherwise outstanding episode. I really enjoyed it! Special mention goes to Kuumaarke, who absolutely steals the show. The voicework is brilliant (British accent and all), conveying a sense of wonder and excitement as she experiences the cosmos. She puts the Lukari as a whole in a very positive light, and I can’t help but feel protective towards these people (as compared to, let’s say, those fishy Deferi). Kudos to Kipleigh Brown for an outstanding performance.

P.S. Let’s not forget the lighting update now. After tinkering with the new graphics setting, I spent quite a bit of time going to various places just to see how different they look…. because they do look very different. Qo’nos in particular is greatly improved; neither First City nor the Academy look like they are underground caverns anymore — Qo’nos now has a proper sun! DS9 is a lot more moody. ESD is more majestic. New Romulus Command is bright and beautiful (and looks a bit fantasy elvish now, in my humble opinion). I still have lots of places to visit and see, but it feels like seeing a new world all over again. Now that’s exciting.

Note: Remember, when you first run the game after installing the patch, all the graphic settings will be reset, which means you have to customize them all over again. One important detail is the renderscale is reset to 0.65, so everything is fuzzy at first. Once you log in, make sure you do /renderscale 1 to correct that.


6 thoughts on “Feature Episode: Echoes of Light (and other stuff)

  1. Thanks for the renderscale tip, i know a bunch of people will need that.

    I totally agree on the tempo and structure of the new mission being more fun than just combat. especially post iconian war and temporal nakhul fights, it is nice to have a story mission. I am quite interesyed to see where this arc ends up going.

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  2. I managed to borrow my flatmate’s old gaming rig last night and did this mission after I got home from work.

    I liked it and it was a refreshing change of pace rather than the usual “pew-pew” fest. It felt very Trek-y and I liked seeing those huge jellyfish-like cosmozoans again – first time I’ve seen them since the pilot episode of TNG!

    I do wish they’d get a real British person to do the voiceover, or at least get a non-Brit who knows how to really nail the accent, because while Kipleigh Brown’s voice acting was good, it would’ve been *great* if she would’ve just used her normal (American?) voice, I feel. She was lapsing in and out of the British accent and it just sounded “off” (tho thankfully not half as bad as Commander Ethan Burgess’s voice actor, who made me cringe and wince when hearing him). It was overall pretty good, tho and it didn’t really detract from my enjoyment of this featured episode.

    Sorry to hear you had difficulties with boff getting lost in K-13. When I got in there I didn’t have any problems with getting thru the corridors; all my boffs stayed with me and we got it done without too much hassle.

    The only real disappointment I had with it was that I didn’t get to put Madran out of his (and my) misery once and for all; he beamed out and then warped out before I could end him, because he was getting highly annoying. I guess there’ll be more opportunities to take him out in later episodes.

    Overall I liked it. 9/10, would do it again. 🙂

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    1. I neglected to mention, it was a bit silly on my first playthrough because… instead of playing Heidy, who is SCIENCE and would fit an exploration mission perfectly, I played my KDF Gorn General. >.> So there’s this gigantic dreadnought battleship scanning crystals, and a heavily armed Gorn marine contingent beaming down to investigate the ruins with cries of “I CLAIM THIS PLANET FOR THE GORN!” I also got distracted by the holographic worshippers (“THAT’S RIGHT! BOW TO YOUR MASTER!”) and missed the puzzle order. :p Fortunately I was playing with Skeleskully and he picked it up. So embarrassed.

      On the accent, I actually wouldn’t want a genuine British accent. After all, she’s an alien, not British; she needs to sound different but not identifiable, y’know?

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      1. I was thinking more along the lines that the “British” voice we’re hearing is actually the voice of the universal translator she’s using, but who knows. And wish I could’ve been there to see your Gorn’s antics there; that sounds hilarious. lol 🙂

        I just went there with Jason (the new temporal version of him, who’s the only toon I’ve got), and he’s tac with 3 eng boffs and 1 sci on his away team so I took care of those Nausicaans pretty quickly.


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