Entoiled Technology Set (Echoes of Light reward)

47153487823667348b7b9956ba9a45c81478129057I’ve been a bit busy the last couple of weeks to be doing blog entries, but I have been grinding away at the current CCA event. As Event Grinds go, CCA is the least painful because each run is so quick, but the standard 14 day grind is still excessive, especially when doing multiple toons. A lot of us get burnt out after these grinds! I wish Cryptic would ease up on the grinding and give us something like the Summer/Winter events, where we only need to grind one toon per account.

There’s always hope, right?

But that’s not what I want to talk about today. Today, I want to discuss the Entoiled Technology set, which is a Nausicaan weapons set rewarded by completing the Echoes of Light Feature Episode.

The Entoiled Technology Set is a free three-piece set that boosts disruptor weapons. This is of particular interest to me because all three of my KDF toons run disruptors! Crazy, I know. The three items in the set are:

  • Console – Science – Nausicaan Siphon Capacitor:
    • +31.5 Starship DrainX
    • +26.7% Power Transfer Rate
    • +20% Disruptor Damage
    • At a glance this is a decent console. It’s about half of a Tac Console for Disruptor damage, but the DrainX boosts helps with Plasmonic Leech, and Power Transfer Rate is always a good bonus. The down side, of course, is that this is a Science Console and using it means bumping an Embassy console; I think the consistent increase in damage output makes it better than an Embassy console’s 2.5% chance of Plasma damage, but if you’re flying a tank then the loss of Threat Generation may be too high a price to pay.
  • Nausicaan Disruptor Beam Array
    • Standard disruptor beam array with the following mods:
    • 2.5% chance Disruptor Net (Hold for 5 secs)
    • +4% Crit Chance
    • The Disruptor Net hold effect is nothing spectacular; the 2.5% proc chance means it can’t be considered part of a reliable strategy. I wouldd use this only for the set bonuses, not on its own merit.
  • Nausicaan Energy Torpedo Launcher
    • 20% chance Disruptor Net (Hold for 5 secs)
    • +40% Crit Severity
    • 12 sec recharge
    • Like the beam array, the torpedo has a chance to proc a Disruptor Net hold effect. This is an energy torpedo which is boosted by Disruptor tac consoles, so with a full disruptor loadout this torpedo can hit very hard. Unfortunately, it also has a very long reload time: 12 seconds, possibly TOO long.

The set bonuses are:

  • 2-pc Bonus:
    • Disruptor net gains disruptor damage per sec for 5 seconds.
    • So… it applies additional damage to targets caught in the randomly generated disruptor nets. Nice little extra, but this by itself isn’t all that attractive.
  • 3-pc Bonus:
    • +26.6% Disruptor damage
    • +50 Hull penetration
    • The 3-pc bonuses, I think, are the most attractive part of the set… and therein lies the rub.

What’s the rub? Well in order to obtain the 3-piece bonus, you have to slot the unremarkable Nausicaan disruptor beam array, as well as the energy torpedo which is high damage but slow-firing — two weapons that don’t play well with each other. Of my three KDF toons, the torpedo launcher doesn’t fit in my KDF slow-turning, broadsiding BFAW beamboat, and the beam array has no place on my KDF zippy cannon escort.

The only ship I can fit all three pieces in is my Delta Recruit’s Kurak: it runs 7 beam arrays plus a torpedo launcher, which is not at all an optimal build. This toon is not one of my mains so I don’t spend a lot of effort tuning her up, but it is a bit disappointing to find that this set only really works on a sub-optimal build. If only it comes with a cannon option! Ultimately I might try to force the 3 pieces onto the cannon escort (sacrificing a rear turret for the beam array) and see how it goes, but for the beamboat cruiser this set is a dud. 😦



4 thoughts on “Entoiled Technology Set (Echoes of Light reward)

  1. Don’t forget the beam array has a built in plasmonic leech like effect that stacks on top of the plasmonic leech console. I’m running the 3pc set on my klink alt’s mirror vo’quv along with the 3 pc resonant disruptor set and it seems to be holding up fine atm in CCA’s

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    1. That’s true, I forgot to mention the part about how the beam acts as a mini-Leech.

      In a way I think this set works better on a carrier with 3/3 weapon layout, because the opportunity cost of pointing a torpedo launcher at an enemy is lower than a 4/4 beamboat (i.e three weapons not firing for the duration rather than four), but also because it doesn’t interfere with your primary damage-dealing means, i.e. your hangar pets.

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