Incoming T6 Nebula (and friends)


Finally, a Science bundle with Klingon and Romulan Science Vessels!

I spotted this through leaks a couple of weeks ago, but didn’t want to publicize it. I’m actually surprised this is coming out already! Never mind that the Nebula is one of the most requested T6 upgrades, but I can’t even remember how long STO players have begged for proper faction Science vessels for the Klingons and Romulans.


Evidently these come with a unique console that strips and weakens enemy shields, while simultaneously enhancing and hardening allied shields. Sounds great as a support function, but probably not popular with DPS builds unless this ability is super efficient.

For a change, all three designs are solid! Too bad Heidy has just settled in her Fleet Nautilus, and I currently don’t have Science toons on either the Klingon or Romulan sides, otherwise this bundle is a solid lock-in for a buy. As it is I have the Valiant bundle ear-marked for Black Friday, but this new bundle is going to throw a wrench into my plans.



13 thoughts on “Incoming T6 Nebula (and friends)

    1. I strongly recommend against putting a science captain in charge of a science ship unless you really know what you are doing. They have, by far, the worst synergy.

      Tacs make all the science attack powers stronger, or if you do a torpedo bomber they buff the torps. Engineers have power boosts to overcome the need for both weapon and aux. Science captains have one trait that gives a miniscule damage buff only when the enemy is shooting you and that’s it. So unless you’re making a science tank build, a science captain is the worst possible commander for a science ship.

      To be clear, science captains do get other powers and traits, but none of them actually affect science powers directly, so they don’t give any direct benefit to a science ship. Or the ability is available to engineers and tacticals so having a science captain becomes meaningless. The shield hardening aoe captain power is nice with science ships because of the higher shield mod, but again, that’s really only useful for a science tank. Run tractor repulsers with the doff for pulling, feedback pulse, eject warp plasma, nadeon bomb, and isometric charge combined with a tank build and you can keep that +damage power maxed out while hammering anyone that comes near you. Just beware of warp core breaches.

      Now if you just want to have a thematic build, or to deliberately challenge yourself with one of the weakest combos of ship type and captain type, go for it. I do both myself and they are fun.

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      1. Remember Science captain abilities are meant to support and improve team performances, hence you have things like Subnuc to debuff everything, Sensor Scan to drop group DR, and Scattering Field to buff team DR — so they are not explicitly designed to improve their own DPS. And yes, you need to know what you’re doing with these — save the Subnuc for big bosses with lots of buffs, and don’t use Sensor Scan until you have a bunch of enemies tied up in a Gravity Well… right before a torpedo spread hits. They’re a lot trickier to use than Tac and Eng abilities, but I still like them because Sci captain in a Sci ship is like a Swiss Army Knife — you have a variety of things you can do, instead of just shooting things.

        That being said, I think I just might put an underused Tac captain in that Laeosa when it is available. Right now she’s in a Morrigu which works fine, but just isn’t very exciting to fly.

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      2. I’m a tac guy so I should be OK. I tend to do all right with my only science ship, my T6 Pathfinder (Intrepid upgraded with Pathfinder warp nacelles). That’s actually one of my favorite ships.

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      3. @stoheidy, “so they are not explicitly designed to improve their own DPS”

        I agree, and I wasn’t really thinking about damage. But until this lockbox sci captains had no way to improve a drain build, and still have no way to improve control. In many ways that makes an engineer a better option because of gaining subsystem power as an engie. For a partigen or torp or hold+spike tac always beats sci. Though sci is finally getting close in the hold+spike build. Those are damage but my point was sci captain abilities don’t synergies with science builds directly. That’s all.

        The flexibility and resourcefulness of sci captains is what I find so fun about them. I only voice the caution because so many players assume sci in sci is going to be great or the “best” combo but don’t understand that mechanically it is not ideal. Still works, still is fun, but also it is sub optimal.


  1. I’m quite happy to see these finally happening. I am still hoping for a cross-faction t6 vesta, but I will be throwing money at cryptic to pick these up without waiting for a sale. I suspect it is a somewhat meaningless gesture, but I will pay full price for romulans and kdf finally getting a science ship. Hopefully more come if these sell enough.

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