Incoming Nebula (and friends) Part 2


Following yesterday’s announcement of the T6 Nebula/Sutherland (and her two buddies the Laeosa and the Naj’sov), Cryptic has now revealed their stats.

Unsurprisingly, the Nebula is going the route of the heavy/tanky Science route, with lotsa hull and lotsa shields to keep it going. The Naj’sov looks to be even tougher, gaining more hull in exchange for some shields, while the Laeosa go lighter on hull for more maneuverability (and of course, a Battle Cloak). That has always been the Nebula’s thing, and I think it’s a good niche for essentially the first real Klingon and Romulan Sci ships as well.

Stats-wise these are pretty solid, but there is one big issue: the existence of the Eternal, which also happens to be multi-factional. People are already comparing the stats and pointing out the Eternal is superior in every way…. and they’re mostly correct. The introduction of the variable configurations on the Temporal ships gave them some ridiculous boosts that traditional ships simply cannot match — Heidy has gotten used to running her Nautilus in Support configuration now, it’ll be difficult to go back to a ship without that gimmick. If these new ships are inferior to the Eternal right out of the gate, aren’t they DOA?

Well I hope not. And I don’t think so. They should win on looks alone — hell, it’s the Nebula, for crying out loud! And our first real Klingon and Romulan Science vessels! Sure, the Eternal might have superior stats, but personally I can’t stand to look at that thing. I bought the 31C bundle and flew the Eternal and the Ouroboros for a bit, but I just couldn’t get past their uninspired, generic, un-Trek looks. Instead I bought a Nautilus, and then upgraded that to Fleet grade…. yeah, that’s a lot more expensive than using an Eternal I already own, but isn’t that why I’m playing Star Trek Online rather than Generic Sci-Fi Online?

Space Barbie is the true endgame, muchachos!

P.S. Forgot to mention, there’s also an R&D/Upgrade Weekend coming up. Gosh, I’ve been waiting for one since… I can’t even remember when! I have a pile of gear across the toons that have been awaiting just this. So mark you calendars: “These events will run from November 24th at 9:30 AM PST to November 28th at 10:00AM PST.”


4 thoughts on “Incoming Nebula (and friends) Part 2

  1. You’ve made some very valid points here. The Eternal-class does kinda make these new science vessels seem a bit superfluous. Tho I share your dislike for the looks of the Eternal-class; I’m not fond of it and it just doesn’t seem very “Trek” to me either. At least not very Starfleet-like in appearance; maybe from some other alien race out there, but not Starfleet. The main thing I really like about the 31st century ships is that they’re cross-faction. That part is nice. But the rest… ehh… personally I could do without.

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  2. I agree pretty much across the board. They should have done something to make comparisons with the eternal a variation on build decision. The trait is ok but not killer, the console is gimmicky but fine for its role.

    I would have liked to see something more creative though. Like a different tier 2 mastery bonus or 6 boff stations like the Nandi, or all the lieutenant and ensign stations being specialized, or replace subsystem targeting with a new mechanic. Something so the side-by-side isn’t as cut and dry.

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    1. Something different to replace subsystem targeting would be excellent. Since the general power creep, those powers have become very situational and therefore not very useful. Having an alternate built-in ability will not only help with this batch of ships, but for future Science vessels releases as well.

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