Phoenix Prize Packs and Dilithium Exchange Rates

Guess where I’m at on this graph? Not sure? Read on.

Fair warning: This is not a happy post. Skip this if you don’t feel like reading my rant.

Last night the Phoenix Prize Packs came into effect. In effective it’s a lockbox that you buy with dilithium, which gives a chance for players to pick up old event or discontinued items. I’ve included the writeup below:

We are excited to introduce the Phoenix Prize Pack, making its Star Trek Online debut when maintenance concludes on December 1st, 2016.

Just like Zefram Cochrane’s experimental vessel, the Phoenix Prize Pack blazes a trail into new frontiers! And, following in the model of its mythological namesake, the Phoenix Prize Pack also represents the return from the ashes of items, ships and other rewards that have been retired from Star Trek Online, and are no longer accessible by any other means. Purchasing and opening this promotional prize pack will offer players the unique opportunity of obtaining many otherwise inaccessible items, ships and equipment, which were previously available from events or promotions, or as other limited-availability rewards.

(Check further below for complete prize information!)

How it works is simple: Players may visit the Dilithium Store to purchase a Phoenix Prize Pack for the price of 4,500 Dilithium, or in packs of ten for 40,000 Dilithium. Every prize pack is Character Bound when purchased, and opening the pack will reward you with one of five Prize Tokens of varying rarity: Epic, Ultra Rare, Very Rare, Rare and Uncommon. Activating any Prize Token from your inventory presents you with the Redemption Store, which allows you to trade in Prize Tokens in return for your choice of item from a selection of retired items from the history of Star Trek Online.

In lieu of redeeming your Prize Token for an item that matches its rarity, you may also choose to exchange it for two Prize Tokens of the next-lower Rarity (e.g., trade in 1x Rare for 2x Uncommon). You’ll also have the option to exchange 10 Uncommon Prize Tokens for another Phoenix Prize Pack, giving you another opportunity at receiving the rarest prizes.

If you happen to be a veteran player already in possession of all of the retired items being offered, Uncommon Prize Tokens may also be traded in for a number of prizes that everyone can make unlimited use of: Fleet Credit Bonus Pools, Fleet Mark Bonus Pools, Reputation Mark Bonus Pools, Commendation XP Bonus Pools, or the special Phoenix Upgrade Tech (equivalent to multiple Universal Superior Tech Upgrades, with no Dilithium cost to apply!)

To celebrate the debut of this new promotion, all players will also have the ability to claim a free Phoenix Prize Pack once per account, once each day while the promotion is active. Each time this is claimed, players will also receive a 1x-Use version of the “Phoenix Replica Smallcraft” Admiralty Ship. This daily account prize may be claimed by visiting either *Grym on Drozana Station, or Onna at Deep Space Nine. *While the event is active, players may accept a mission from their Journal that will aid in locating these new contacts.

_ All prizes obtained via this promotion – including Starships – are Bound to Character, and do not result in any Account-Wide Unlocks. Prize Tokens are Account Bound._**

Prizes by Rarity:


  • Breen Rezreth Dreadnought Cruiser [T6]
  • Breen Sarr Theln Carrier [T6]
  • Kobali Samsar Cruiser [T6]
  • Krenim Science Vessel [T6]
  • Ferengi Nandi Warship [T6]


  • Jem’Hadar Attack Ship [T5]
  • Breen Chel Grett Warship [T5]
  • Breen Plesh Brek Heavy Raider [T5]
  • Risian corvette [T5]
  • Risian Luxury Cruiser [T5]
  • Voth Bulwark Dreadnought Cruiser [T5]


  • Red Matter Capacitor
  • Elachi Kit Module – Subspace Rift
  • Universal Kit Module – Crystalline Spike
  • Zefram Cochrane Shotgun
  • Crystalline Energy Torpedo Launcher


  • Crystalline Shard – Space Vanity Pet
  • Console – Universal – Crystalline Absorption Matrix
  • Console – Tactical – Automated Defense Turret
  • V.S.S. Tanius – Admiralty Ship
  • Hakeev (Mirror Universe) – Duty Officer
  • Mariah Kilara Marr – Duty Officer


  • Radan Tribble
  • Solanae Tribble
  • Mol’Rihan Tribble
  • Crossfire Tribble
  • Holographic Combat Drone
  • Dilithium Encrusted Horta
  • Mugato Leash
  • Phoenix Shuttle Vanity Pet
  • Toron Shuttle Vanity Pet
  • Type-8 Shuttlecraft
  • Emote Unlock: Air Guitar
  • Emote Unlock: Bloodwine
  • Emote Unlock: Bow
  • Emote Unlock: Dance (Jester)
  • Emote Unlock: Frustrated
  • Emote Unlock: Khan
  • Emote Unlock: Pick Me
  • Emote Unlock: Shaka, When The Walls Fell
  • Emote Unlock: Shoo

The Phoenix Prize Pack will be available for a limited time only, so act fast if you wish to make the best use of this promotion before these limited-access items are once again sent into retirement. The Phoenix will return to retirement on December 8th, 2016, giving players just ONE WEEK to obtain these prizes before they fade away!

Jeremy “BorticusCryptic” Randall
Staff Systems Designer
Star Trek Online

For a lot of players who missed out on some older items, this is exciting news. Initial reports state that drop rates of Epic and Ultra Rare tokens are extremely… well, RARE, but duh. I am not a gambler myself, have never played the lockbox game, and I honestly don’t intend to play this either. These boxes are actually quite a good value for their upgrades, but I wouldn’t open these expecting to win the grand prizes.

Everyone knows this will alleviate the recent high Dilithium-Zen exchange rate (which has sat at 415-420 range for months), but I don’t think anyone expected such a drastic change in one day. Last night the Dilex rate (briefly) plummeted to a low of about 255; some players, like my friend Skeleskully, cashed in at just the right time and scored a giant stockpile of Zen (as I told her, she has essentially won the game).

But this post isn’t about that.

I have bought Zen with real money; maybe not a ton, but enough of it that STO is by no means Free-to-Play for me. And as I have previously mentioned, I don’t mind buying Zen with dilithium at a high exchange rate — as long as it’s the true market value. And here I was, watching the exchange rate movements last night… at around 9 pm-ish PST the exchange rate suddenly jumped from 260 to 300 – key word being sudden. Someone dumped a huge pool of dilithium on the market at an artificially elevated rate, and wiped out every Zen selling offer under 300 in three steps in rapid succession (i.e. 260 to 275 to 293 to 300 in the space of maybe a minute). Every new sell offer that appeared thereafter is quickly swept up (within 3-5 seconds) for the next two hours that I monitored it; as of this morning that 300 rate was still holding steady.

If you ever played the stock market, this is very typical of Unusual Market Activities. Stock market specialists can see this a few different ways, but to me this is the real first clear sign of market manipulation. Based on the relatively small volume of Zen actively traded on the Exchange at the time, it’s actually not that difficult for a space-rich individual or group of individuals to pull this off. Some people will vehemently argue against the notion of market manipulation on the Exchange, but what I saw last night cannot be rationalized any other way.

Unlike the stock market in real life, there are no rules on the Exchange so technically there is no wrongdoing involved… yet this goes against fair trade. I am happy to pay 300 rate if it is determined by the market, but I refuse to pay 300 if it’s artificially inflated. It’s a matter of principle for me, and this entire exercise has unfortunately only soured my experience with the game. I refuse to be manipulated, so I guess I am done with the Dilithium Exchange.



14 thoughts on “Phoenix Prize Packs and Dilithium Exchange Rates

    1. Hmm. I think so? I tried using “Add friend @rodsager1964” and it says you’re offline, but the fact that it shows offline status probably means you account still exists. Did something happen to your account?


  1. Well, I blew all my refined dil last night on about 20 of those boxes. lol Good thing I still have over 200K unrefined dil, so I still have a fair amount left over.

    But it was so worth it. I got literally everything I wanted but couldn’t get before because I wasn’t playing back then when many of those promo giveaways were on.

    I got no ultra rares or epics (I wasn’t expecting any, really), but I scored about 5 very rares and and mix of rares and uncommons for the rest.

    The first thing I got was the shotgun, then upgraded that bad boy to Mk 14 (then went straight to Defera to play around with my “new toy” and lay the smackdown on some Borg. lol).

    The second thing I got was the Red Matter Capacitor. Awesome. I freaking love that thing. 🙂

    Then I got all the green (uncommon) items (air guitar emote FTW!) and most of the blue (rare) items. Then some of those magnificent Phoenix tech upgrades, so I was finally able to get a bunch of things upgraded to Mk 14. Those Phoenix tech upgrades alone are well worth the price of admission (imho). And that was just the first day! lol

    So I’m pretty happy with how that worked out. 🙂

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    1. Save some of the upgrades for a bonus weekend. A purple is worth 12,750 tp so doubles to 25kish. Phoenix are 51k so double to 102k. Same with using the 1.5 or 2 boosts. It takes four boosts to keep four purple upgrade kits equal to one boosted Phoenix kit.

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  2. This is what Borticus and salami talked about when they said there are a few people with enough dil to greatly disrupt the economy.

    The expensive costumes were a test to see if they could get those guys to spend their horde according to bort.

    Will have to wait and see what the future holds for the exchange.

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    1. Ah, see I missed that – I didn’t realize Cryptic staff have actually discussed this, and see it as a problem. In a sense it’s good that they recognize it, but on the other hand I’m discouraged that even Cryptic is unable to do anything about a known issue.

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      1. It is unfair to say “unable”. They are less concerned with manipulation that remains within the healthy range for the exchange than that which dips into what they consider unhealthy. We do not know the impact the costumes had, and the costumes were specifically named a “test”, not an attempt at a correction.

        Salami has shown a preference for “act, wait and observe, then act again” compared to “act big and act fast”. The Phoenix pack was aimed at the masses not the few hoarders. We don’t know what they will do based on their data from the costumes and the Phoenix pack.

        They have the option to remove dilithium as a currency and invent a new one, for example. They could give some specific promotion, say the opportunity to buy a gold nagus for 50,000,000 dil only available to the small group that has this stockpile. They have many smaller options than these nukes. But salami and gecko are choosing to act in steps. Not because they cannot do anything, but because they do care about the ramifications of their actions.

        Here is a link to borticus’ exact words by the way:

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      2. It also bears mentioning here that the devs are few in number (like, about a dozen, I think?) and they’re spread pretty thin. So there are a lot of things they simply can’t address at a given time even if they wanted to. They’ve had to prioritize some issues and let a lot of other stuff ride.


  3. I don’t ever recall getting any 1x-Use version of the “Phoenix Replica Smallcraft” Admiralty Ship. I haven’t spent real money on this game so it is still free to play for me and i only started because of the 50th anniversary Wiz Kids contest that had a foam bat’leth prize. But the contest was US only 😦 I remember waiting for this game to come out and the next thing i know there was a one-year anniversary video. But i digress.

    I’ve been fortunate enough to save up enough ZEN for the 31st Century Temporal Pack during the Black Friday sale for my Temporal Agent and also got the Tactical Escort [T6] during the sale after. Weeks after that i got the Tactical Escort Retrofit not on sale.

    I want to keep this game fun and not have it feel like work grinding so i started a Ferengi character will a full Ferengi BOff complement and soon to be DOff complement. I also have the D’Kora in bag and have the Open Entrepreneur’s Jacket and Entrepreneur’s Skirt on her. 🙂 Deciding on which earrings to get though. Any suggestions?

    As of now i’m saving up for Account Bank so i can transfer my account bound Master Keys to Ferinnie and then i’ll save up for a Caitian with the Atrox Carrier and Caitian BOff/DOff complement.

    Right now i’m torn between buying ZEN with my Dilithium or saving up for my main’s reputation gear.

    If the Phoenix Prize Pack ever comes back i’ll be trying for the Nandi on Ferinnie 🙂

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    1. If I am going to give one piece of advice? Don’t go crazy on alts like me or you’ll get burnt out. XD

      Also, don’t get the Atrox Carrier! It’s hopelessly outclassed by modern ships now, you’re better off waiting for a T6 version to be released…. although it might be a long time given the track record of species-specific ships.


      1. Actually i think i started more alts because i got burnt out. lol I don’t really do the missions but have been doing them on my Temporal Agent for the rewards. My third Sci i only leveled because i got DOffs out of mail as cadet and couldn’t access them. lol That one is mainly for Dilithium. I also started a few accounts for the arc Points ZEN and those i won’t play as much either. The Ferengi and Caitian i just want for fun. I don’t really think i’ll play much unless i get bored and do the missions. My main and TA are maxed on rep already so just working on getting Dilithium to ZEN for Account Bank slots.

        Oh, i still would like a Romulan and Klingon for the story lines and the Klingon i may play more for Contraband.

        I only saw your reply after checking e-mail after reading about some free ship being given away. I missed out on the latinum plated Marauder and don’t see any ship e-mail yet. I was looking for giveaway news since i never knew about the first day (i would have loved the formal wear) and only learned of the 2nd day because it was on the launcher as news.


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