Character Spotlight – Star-Crossed


I had fully intended to use some, if not all of the Science ships that I got on Black Friday, as someone’s endgame ship. Trouble is, none of my toons has the proper skills or gear to properly fly Science ships….even Heidy, who has the right skills, is specifically built around lighter Science vessels such as the Pathfinder and the Nautilus, and won’t do very well in the slower Nebula. With that in mind, I ended up making a couple of new toons for that specific purpose… but since then they have kinda taken a life of their own in my head.

Meet Starfleet Lt. Adam Kunzel, helmsman of the USS Portsmouth, and Nessi, medic, slave girl and assassin of the Orion Syndicate.

Wait, neither of them are starship captains, you ask? Well, no! Not in my mind, anyway. They are both young, and their official story is still developing, so at this point in time I don’t want either of them to be captains. In fact, the way I play them now in-game is I assume their respective captains are in command, and they are trusted officers sent on away missions….

…if you think about it, that actually makes more sense than captains and the command crew beaming down every time.

Anyway, I digress.

The premise is this: Adam Kunzel was born and grew up on a Federation deep space freighter, much like good ol’ boy Travis Mayweather. When he was ten years old, the freighter was intercepted by Orion pirates near Nimbus. Both his parents were killed in the battle, while Adam and the surviving crew were taken prisoner. The boy’s defiance and stubborn will earned him a lot of beating from his captors, but brought him the sympathy of a young Orion girl, Nessi. She was the first Orion to show him any kindness, but he was understandably angry at all Orions and spurned her. Gradually though, a friendship formed between the two children.

Like Adam, Nessi was an orphan. She never knew her parents, and was told that her mother betrayed the Syndicate. She was executed, and baby Nessi was handed over to her boss, Ogron the Obese. Ogron tasked one of his chief assistants, Melin-Shar, to raise the girl alongside her own children (Reza-Shar and Kali-Shar, both Skele’s toons). Also like Adam, Nessi was a survivor, but while the boy might rely on his will and fists, the girl relied on her guile and wits. She hated Ogron just as much as Adam did, but she would never let that be known to anyone… except Adam.

In time Nessi began training as a medic/assassin – her true vocation beneath the mask of an Orion slave girl – and particularly in the use of drugs and poisons. With her guile, beauty and skills, Nessi gained a measure of influence among Ogron’s organization; eventually Ogron himself wanted to groom Nessi to be his next chief assassin/concubine.

During that same period, Adam remained an Orion slave, performing menial tasks and hard labor, and eventually forced to engage in pit-fitting for his captors’ amusement. With his natural athleticism Adam quickly learned to fight, and became quite a capable warrior.After a particularly vicious bout where 16 year old Adam ended up killing the son of his jailer, the Orions wanted him dead. While they debated Adam’s fate, Nessi daringly broke him out and smuggled him away on board a Yridian freighter.

He joined the crew of the Yridian freighter for some time, before it was impounded by Starfleet for smuggling contrabands. The Starfleet captain was impressed with Adam, he urged and sponsored the young man’s enrollment… and a troubled tenure… in Starfleet Academy.

Shortly after graduation, Adam was assigned as security detail at Khitomer for an upcoming Romulan summit, where he was surprised to be reunited with Nessi again – now a personal slave of one of the attending Klingon diplomats, Q’Sek. Having endured her punishment in releasing Adam all those years ago, Nessi had nonetheless become a valued agent of Ogren’s and had been subsequently “gifted” to Q’Sek (read: planted). The reunion was joyous, yet Adam could tell Nessi was hiding something. As it turned out, Nessi was also an agent of the Klingon Intelligence, and amidst rumors of an assassination plot,. Adam suddenly found himself torn between joy, suspicion, duty and…. love.


That’s all I have so far, but I am currently busy leveling both of these characters in-game. I had forgotten how much effort is required to get a toon to endgame status — it’s not so much the leveling, but everything else that is needed! Reputation, R&D, Doffs, traits, gear… hopefully with my other toons helping out, they’ll get there soon!


4 thoughts on “Character Spotlight – Star-Crossed

  1. Wow. Great story. I like it. 🙂

    As I’ve shared with you before, I’ve been writing my own Trek episodes over the past few years; all my characters (except for Scott, who doesn’t have any background story and is just a STO version of me) are from my Trek story I’ve been writing. Jay West, A.J. Kirk, Falco, Kai, and their crews are all involved in the story.

    Admiral Jason “Jay” West is my main character and a highly decorated veteran of the Dominion War, the Hobus Crisis, the Klingon War (2404-2409) and the Iconian War. He first served as a grunt MACO trooper in the Dominion War, then transferred to starship operations and became a tactical officer, serving as one of Picard’s and later Data’s helmsmen on the Enterprise-E.

    Jay is a bit of an unconventional admiral and prefers to lead from the front whenever possible. He’s known as kind of a “loose cannon” in Starfleet, earning the nickname “Wild West” for his unorthodox strategy and tactics, but nonetheless has a penchant for getting things done, especially missions that require a more “creative” solution.

    As the series starts out, he is promoted to rear admiral and assigned as CO of the 1st Expeditionary Fleet, which is sent out after the Iconian War on a 5-year mission to explore the unknown regions of the galaxy, mostly in the Delta and Gamma Quadrants.

    Alexander James Kirk (“A.J.”) was one of his former Academy students and later crew members. AJ is the great-grandson of Peter Kirk, James T’s nephew. “Uncle Jim,” as AJ refers to him.

    Long story short, AJ wasn’t doing too well in the Academy and was actually on the verge of flunking out until Admiral West, who was a captain teaching there at the time, remembering his own rough start in Starfleet and seeing great potential in AJ, mentored him and passed down what he had learned from his “old boss,” Jean-Luc Picard.

    AJ served as an engineering and later ops officer aboard Jay’s flagship, the Sovereign-class USS Phoenix during their 5-year mission. Eventually Admiral West promotes AJ to captain and gives him command of “the old bird” (the USS Phoenix), making him the first Kirk to command a starship in over a century.

    Technically it was “the new old bird,” as Jay’s Sovereign-class Phoenix-B was destroyed during their mission and replaced with the Odyssey-class Phoenix-C. “There’s a new Captain Kirk in town. God help us all,” as Jay jokingly put it, as he proudly pinned AJ’s captain pips on him.

    AJ doesn’t feel quite ready for the center seat and frequently doubts his command abilities, but Admiral West’s belief in his protégé is well-placed, as AJ goes on to serve a pivotal role in restoring the timeline (several times) in the Temporal Cold War and later takes the Phoenix out on his own highly successful missions of exploration. The adventure continues…

    Oh, and then there’s my Romulan, Falco, and my Klingon, Kai, who are close friends of Admiral West and pretty interesting guys themselves. Falco’s already pretty well-developed as a character, but I’m still working on Kai.

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