Season 12

STO 7th Anniversary and Season 12: Reckoning have arrived!

What was added? Let’s see.

  • A new feature episode, “Of Signs and Portents”, that continues the Lukari story and introduces the Tzenkethi. It’s an okay episode, but a bit disappointing after the fresh approach of the last episode. The story layout is essentially the same one we’ve seen dozens of times: you go to a new system, do some interactive stuff, get into a space fight, get into a ground fight, do some hickey-do, beam back to your ship for another space fight, the end.
  • A new R&D School (Kits and Modules).
  • A new reputation (Lukari Restoration).
  • The T6 Lukari Flying-Triangle ship can be acquired with 1000 thingmies. Same as before, you get 400 from running the Feature Episode the first time, and 40 from a daily Omega Scanning event… which I personally quite dislike. All that flying around, to do my least favorite mini-game in STO three times every day, for 15 days. Ugh.
  • A new Tzenkethi Battlezone has been added. I didn’t check it out but Fungi told me last night that it’s currently bugged.
  • There is also a week-long, daily giveaway going on. Today unfortunately is the last day, but Cryptic is giving out three T5 ships (Avenger, B’Rel and T’Varo) so don’t miss out.

star-trek-online-news-66To be honest, I don’t know how I feel about Cryptic’s interpretation of the Tzenkethi: they have been described in various novels that are quite different than what we see. Cryptic’s Tzenkethi look like Halo critters to me than anything else… there’s nothing inherently wrong with the design, but like the Heralds, they just don’t look very Trekkish.

P.S. On a separate note, apparently the T6 NX-refit is coming out soon as a Lobi ship. There are also rumors of a 9-pack of the T6 Vesta (plus Klingon and Romulan counterparts) that are on the horizon; depending on their features, these might be interesting to get!




11 thoughts on “Season 12

  1. They’re giving away an Avenger, B’rel, and T’Varo? Cool. My Feds already have the T5 Avenger, but my Romulan and KDF characters will definitely benefit from the other two.

    As for the “flying Dorito,” I’m kinda “meh” toward it. I’ll still get it cause it’s free, because why not? But I’m probably not going to be using it much. It’ll be worth it just for the admiralty card and the trait (because I’m in dire need of some good science ships for admiralty).

    And that damn Omega particle grind… ugh. Yep, I’m 100% with you on that, Heidy. It’s my least-favorite mini-game too. I’ll still do it for a little while just for some Omega upgrades, which are actually kinda worth it, but still… I wish there were a better way to get them.

    As for the new mission, it’s all right. I’ve seen worse. Your description was pretty much spot-on. Pretty standard fare for STO; you fly to such-and-such system, scan some things, rescue some people, get into a space fight, a ground fight, and another space fight, and that’s pretty much it.

    The Tzenkethi do seem kinda Halo-ish, like something you’d encounter in a Halo game. They’re big, but they’re big targets and easy to hit. I wouldn’t recommend getting too close to them, but I was able to simply snipe them with my TR pretty effectively. Pulsewaves come in very handy against them if they manage to get too close. And mines tend to mess their day up pretty badly too (it helps to bring lots of engineering boffs with you, especially if you’re a tactical guy like me). I would imagine that engineering characters would have an easier time of it on the ground, as you can place lots of mines, turrets and mortars, and medical/shield generators.

    You don’t want to stay in one place too long, tho, or they’ll blow you away pretty quickly. I just kept flanking them and sniping them (something I learned from the Vaadwaur). lol

    I’m not too pleased about having yet another reputation to grind out, but I can’t say I’m surprised. The Lukari rep armor reminds me of Ant Man. I’ve seen much worse designs tho. At least the helmet looks cool.

    Oh! You should see the new 7th anniversary party popper if you haven’t already. It shoots gummy fish up into the air that fall and flop around on the ground. Hilarious. lol


    1. Honestly, I don’t think just adding grinding activities is the best way to keep players playing. Since I am shifting focus to GW2, I don’t think I’ll be bothering with the new Rep and the new R&D. And yeah, I plan to do the daily Omega grind so I can get the ship for Admiralty, but I’d never fly it. In fact, of all the free event ships that we’ve gotten, I’ve only flown the Nandi, the Sarr Theln and the Plesh Brek for any length of time – the rest of them only exist as Admiralty cards for me.

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  2. This is brilliant 🙂 “…we’ve seen dozens of times: you go to a new system, do some interactive stuff, get into a space fight, get into a ground fight, do some hickey-do, beam back to your ship for another space fight, the end.” I fly lots of the free ships, the new Chel is outstanding

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  3. The Tzenkethi have a terminal case of video-game-art-itis. They aren’t very Trek, cause they wouldn’t be the slightest bit practical, budgetwise, so no sane producer would sign off on them for a recurring television show role. Extra arms? Entire head to toe rubber suits? Big bulky high tech equipment as the standard uniforms with very little opportunity for reuse as gear for the next alien of the week? Not happening.

    Maybe aliens that are mostly just humans with pasted on forehead ridges or funny ears are played out, but that’s Trek. Anything else just doesn’t parse quite right outside the obvious exceptions.

    And yeah, the new battlezone is broken. If they fix it, it’ll be a step up from the Badlands. The background is less eye bleed inducing and the different minigame things seem a bit more interesting. And 100% less Terrans with torp spread 3 and WATCH OUT FOR THE TERRAN NEBULA SCIENCE VESSELS.

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    1. At various points in time Star Trek did manage to introduce aliens what are not just people with weird foreheads/noses/ears: the Undine, the Xindi Insectoids and Aquatics, for instance. Granted, all were used sparingly, no doubt due to budget reasons, but at least they proved it can be done.

      I think the biggest problem I have with STO’s Tzenkethi design is with their ridiculously bulky and oversized armor/weapon pieces sticking out everywhere, which really only exists in video games and impractical in every other medium. One look and you know these are video game critters (as you call it, video-game-art-itis), and that’s disappointing for STO.

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      1. True that, I love the Tholians and TOS loved to throw in completely oddball aliens from time to time. But up until Voyager they really didn’t have the CGI tech available to do anything like the Undine or Xindi on a recurring basis. Which is why a lot of the non human TOS aliens are glittering energy balls or shape shifters that spend most of the episode disguised as Kirk or whatever.

        I felt like the Iconians were just as bad when they were first revealed, but they grew on me as the story missions played out. Maybe these liznards will too when their deal with the crystals and their crazy autarch is put out there.

        But! With both the Tzenkethi and the Herald minions, it’s hard to imagine them outside of the context of being just meat grinder mook swarms. I mean, what would the thralls do when galactic conquest wasn’t on the agenda? Read Proust? Watch Space Jam? Can you imagine a Tzenkethi family sitting down for sunday dinner in 500 pounds of battle armor each?

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      2. Or going to the movies. Dave and Sue Tzenkethi sit down in the theater, and find their views blocked by big bad Flash Tzenkethi’s armored headgear in the front row. Sue says to Dave, “I think you should go knock that guy’s hat off”, so Dave charges up his railgun and shoots Flash in the head. The end.


  4. I think their armor is definitely video-game-art-it is, but I totally agree with the reason they went in the direction they did: It is canon. The novels violated the description of the tzenkethi provided by the original creator, who described them as massive reptiles. Novels are non-canon. Even though they never appeared on screen but were only named his original description is the one STO used as their starting point. And I agree with that in theory. The armor and little arms are a bit off putting.

    In play I like their abilities and how they make the battlefield mobile. They are fun enemies. Especially as they make powers like gravity well less useful. That’s a nice tweak.

    I totally agree on how the mission is formulaic in what it does. Plotwise it does open up some very interesting possibilities, especially in light of the last story blog where we learned the tzenkethi leader might be insane and that they might be trying to save the galaxy from a non-organic plague. Specifically related to the growing crystals from the last episode. I do wish they had used more scientific exploring though and less combat. Especially as we moved past multiple bombed planets with just a cursory scan. I’d have liked to have had a more involved process of learning the clues.

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