No sale, No sell?

Just a quick question for today — Based on your observation, how did the T6 Multi-Mission Explorer bundle/individual ships fare sales-wise?

Honest question.

The reason I’m asking is that the ships became available with last Thursday’s patch. Fungi mentioned last night that he hasn’t seen many (any?) of the T6 MME ships around the usual haunts. Me, I managed to finish up the Omega event and got the Lukari ship on Friday, so I haven’t checked in over the weekend at all — but on Thursday and Friday I didn’t see any of these guys… and I was actively looking for them because I wanted to gauge how big they are.

Is this true? This bundle didn’t sell? After all, Cryptic pulled a very obvious cash grab this time, and didn’t include an introductory sale (usually around 17% I think), something they’ve ALWAYS done with new ships. Since the T6 Vesta has been requested for so long, they probably figured it’s going to sell like hot cakes! Timing it’s not great, especially after a fair number of Science Vessels were released in recent memory, including the cross-faction Temporal ships and the Nebula bundle; I imagine most casual players have no immediate need for another run-of-the-mill Sci-Ship, especially at full price.


5 thoughts on “No sale, No sell?

  1. I haven’t been on STO lately so I can’t really say, but I’ve got several STO friends who’ve bought one or more of those new T6 sci ships and they seem really happy with them thus far. I guess it’s to be expected in a sci-heavy community like that, but outside of that sci community… no idea. :/


  2. I haven’t seen any of the kdf/gorn ships, which makes me sad. Seen a few of the romulan ones and a few Feds.

    I’d say they sold comparable to the pilot ships. It seems most dedicated science pilots prefer the temporal powers on the nautilus so didn’t jump on these.

    Also timing could have been better considering the recent t6 science cross faction bundle and anniversary sci ship. I think it is too much sci in a clump.

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    1. I’ve seen the Gorn version. I actually like the look of it. It reminds me of the Battlestar Galactica with its tough, rugged style that makes it look like it can really take a beating and still survive, which seems very fitting for the Gorn.

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  3. I have seen a few of these around and I’m definitely going to want to get them at some point. I am in favour of anything that brings more science to the Rommies and KDF and especially more racial ships. I also agree with Scott that the Battlestar Gornlactica look is a nice addition.

    That said, my inner Ferengi wouldn’t let me get it at the full 12k price and a *lot* of people that I talked about seemed to have the same opinion. I think that combined with the recent boom of science ships and the fact that the Besta is no longer 100% in line with the meta might have reduced the opening weekend sales.

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  4. Still haven’t seen any, anywhere.

    It looks more like people took advantage of the zen bonus + ship sale to buy older ships on discount instead of the MMEs. I saw more Command ships over the weekend than I have in a long while.

    And 12k zen is definitely too rich for what’s essentially just 3 ships with a spec already done better in the AoY/31c packs, + some gimmick consoles, ASS cards and traits that don’t look really “must have”. When it’s on sale you can get a T5 ship with the savings.

    So, I bought the 800 zen Phalanx instead. My Gorn console set is complete.

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