Character Spotlight – Alexstraza Descu


“Gosh, my sword is taller than me. I love it!”

After much contemplation, I’m finally going to start dipping my toes in the world of MMO Roleplay. I intend to take it slow, and going to start off with not one of my main toons on Guild Wars 2, but a low level one I’m slowly leveling. Here’s the profile I put together for her.

(Copied verbatim from a post I made on a Guild Wars 2 Roleplay forum.)

Name: Alexstraza Descu
Aliases: Alex, Lexi, Pumpkin (only to her Pa)
Race: Human (Krytan/Ascalonian)
Gender: Female
Profession: Guardian
Apparent age: Mid-to-Late Teens


Alexstraza looks every bit the fifteen/sixteen year old girl that she is: youthful, wholesome, dirty-blonde hair pulled into pigtails, and big wide brown eyes. Although she is on the short side (five-foot-one), Alexstraza still has some years to grow into full adulthood. Her lean and wirey physique points to an active, hardworking lifestyle, rather than one of idle luxury.

When she’s not wearing farmer’s rags, Alexstraza dons a suit of armor with blue trims. Something about it being a family heirloom…


An incredibly strong sense of right-and-wrong, forthright, honest-to-a-fault: these are qualities that set Alexstraza on the path of becoming a Guardian. Add youthful enthusiasm and energy to the mix, and you have a potential future hero in the making.

On the other hand, she also lacks experience. She can also be overzealous. Her education is minimal, and she’s not a particularly smart cookie (yes, she can’t read or write very well). This is why she gained the dubious nickname “Bumpkin Knight” from the other villagers.


She believes in the Six Gods… because Pa and Ma say so. But she particulrly worships Kormir for what he represents.


Alexstraza is the daughter of Bront and Myllia Descu, and grew up on the Descu farm in Shaemoor. She is either the sixth or seventh (Pa and Ma were always vague about that) of nine children, which include six boys and three girls. Bront also happened to be a volunteer drill sergeant of the Shaemoor militia, and so Alexstraza and most of her brothers received militia training at one point or another. Ever since she was young, Alexstraza demonstrated a unique talent: she has always been, and continues to be deceptively and comically strong. Bront was particularly proud of his daughter for that reason; he attributed her strength to their one-tenth Norn ancestry (never mind that doesn’t explain why none of his other kids share the same trait, but who cares about details?).

Alexstraza used her strength to protect other children from bullies, and developed a reputation as a protector in the village. Unsurprisingly, this kickstarted her desire to become a champion of justice for the common folk! One day she would become a knight, and she trained tirelessly under Bront until she suspected that there was more to battle than bashing over an opponent’s head as hard and as many times as possible. So when the Seraph arrived to help defend the village from centaur raids, she begged and badgered until one of the Seraph sergeants agreed to give her proper combat training. The kindly sergeant even gave Alexstraza a suit of old beaten-up and broken Seraph armor, which the girl joyfully accepted and treated it like a new family heirloom.

And now, at fifteen-and-a-half years of age, Alexstraza is almost ready to take on the evils of the world. But first, she is looking to squire herself to some great knight or warrior, so she can learn how to be a proper knight…. and do proper knightly things. Reading and writing are preferrably optional.


Uncanny physical strength. Unwavering sense of justice. Energetic.


Inability to intimidate enemies. Uneducated. Not-so-smart.


No perma-death or mutilation please. This character is meant to be somewhat light-hearted!


This is going to be my very first attempt to making a Roleplay character on an MMORPG, so I am taking things slow. Bear with me!
“What do you mean, there’s a minimum drinking age in this tavern?”
Just to add a thought to the prospect of Roleplaying on MMORPG — while I’m very accustomed to RPing on Mushes and other text-based medium, the MMO environment is very different. The action takes place on your screen, rather than in your imagination, and poses are necessarily more condensed. How do I par down a RP pose down to a line or two, when I’m accustomed to writing paragraphs? It’s also a bit jarring to pose certain actions when your toon is just standing there idly. Those are things that I need to get used to.
I remember one of my friends on STO who tried to introduce me to RP at Quark’s, which I found really difficult to get into. I suspect if STO RP takes place on a starship and we all play crew members, there would be far more interesting than a bunch of Starfleet captains sitting around a table sipping Saurian brandy. I think tavern/bar RP is not really a suitable outlet for Star Trek-based RP; after all, we’re in Starfleet, we should be out exploring! Starfleet didn’t pay us to sit around a bar day after day.



5 thoughts on “Character Spotlight – Alexstraza Descu

  1. Alexstraza Descu… Sounds Romanian. lol

    I’ve never really done any RP before, but I have been writing some of my own Star Trek stories which I’ve shared with you previously. My STO characters are all characters from my Trek story (Well, all except one who’s just an STO version of me).

    And I’ve witnessed some of the strange RP going on at Quark’s too; it ranges from interesting to bizarre to downright hilarious. lol

    From what I gathered, it seemed to me that most of the RPers in there were not Starfleet, Romulan, or KDF officers, but civilians who worked at DS9 or were civilian freighter captains who were docked there and doing some kind of business. I don’t really remember the details as I wasn’t paying that much attention and it was years ago.


    1. Wait, what? Civilian freighters? But they’re clearly in Starfleet uniforms.

      Admittedly I only saw RP at Quark’s that one evening, so I can’t say too much about it. I just can’t grasp it. Like I said, STO RP would work much better if you could get a group together and play the crew of a single ship, I think.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Well, not all of them were wearing Starfleet uniforms. In fact only a few of them were actually in uniform (presumably off duty). I wasn’t paying too much attention to their conversations as I was busy chatting with my friend in there, but from what I remember overhearing, some of those RP characters were in fact civilians there to refuel/resupply/conduct business at DS9.

        And I totally agree that RP in a Star Trek game would be great with several players acting as the crew of a ship. Like maybe have the leader of the group be the captain and the others his/her crew. I’ve never seen that done before, but it could be fun with the right group of people who really get Star Trek and their respective roles, and have a good chemistry together. Just like actors in movies and TV, I guess.


      2. There are a number of people who wish that there was a civilian faction. So they fly the Tuffli Freighter and Suliban Cell Ship and some of the shuttles and only wear off-duty outfits and RP like there actually is such a faction. Lot of “civilian” ferengi too. Especially since they gave out the Ferengi Na Farr shuttle (I think in 2015). Someone made a few decent foundry missions too where you run a load of cargo to a couple spaceports and have to deal with orion pirates and a guy tries to cheat you. I don’t remember the mission, I played it way back before they attached missions to stars.


      3. Also, there is one foundry mission in Cardassian space where you are dealing with a first contact gone wrong. In the mission you are onboard someone else’s ship when it gets attacked and you just jump on one of the consoles to participate in the fight. I’ve done it teamed and it works out ok with two people. Three are standing around doing nothing a bit too much.

        Still, it was a fun change of pace and lets me know that there is a way to pull it off. A similar mission balanced for multiple people could certainly be done.


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