Ever tried to buy stuff from EB Games?

Do you Americans out there have EB Games? Because that’s what we get here in Canada.

Don’t worry, this isn’t an ad. This is a short rant.

So EB Games mostly carry video games (relatively few PC games, mostly PS4, XBox and other console games) and a selection of collectibles. Apparently they also do game-trade-ins… which I suppose is a big draw for people wanting to get some value back from old games. I rarely visit EB Games but recently I’ve been checking on their stores; I even found some items that were priced very reasonably, so that’s a big plus.

On the other hand, one thing I absolutely HATE (hatehatehatehatehate) is waiting in line. And EB Games is absolutely the WORST.

Yes, I understand that when a customer is there to trade-in old games, it’s going to take time. But my god, every single time someone goes up to the cashier to pay for a game, the salesperson goes through this long spiel about returns and warranty and then try to sell some gaming accessory! All this while a long line of customers wait in a queue that wraps around the back of the store. Average wait time to pay is about 30-40 minutes in the stores closest to me. Needless to say, I’ve been to EB Games four times in the last month – three times out of four I ditched the items and left because of the insane wait times.

Sort it out, EB Games! Do you realize you’re losing a lot of customers and revenue because of the waiting time?? Grrrrr.


6 thoughts on “Ever tried to buy stuff from EB Games?

  1. Really? The EB Games around here always look totally abandoned. Like they only sell vidya games and vidya game accessories to ghosts. Just drive an extra thousand miles and you won’t have any trouble with lineups at all.


  2. I share your feelings about EB Games – I avoid them with a passion. The only time I’ll even enter a store is only after I’ve checked everywhere else, and I’ve nowhere else to look. Thankfully the consistent zero service, bad pricing – it’s EB Games mantra – my CC goes back into my wallet and I’ll wait to order it online.


  3. Hm… I’ve yet to see any EB Games here in southern California. They might not be here in the States, or if they are, they might not be in my area.

    Either way, I don’t think I’ve ever even been to a store like that before. I’ve never owned a console so I’ve never needed any console games, and the only computer games I’ve ever played are Battlestar Galactica Online, STO, and SWTOR, so I’ve simply never needed to go to that kind of store.


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