Have you dreamt of flying the unwieldy, ugly eyesore Enterprise-J in STO? Well, here’s your dream come true!

Now I don’t personally know anyone who is really jonesing to fly this ridiculously oversized, ugly thing, but I’m sure someone somewhere out there does. Never mind this thing is like the size of a Borg Cube, so how the hell are you supposed to maneuver it? I can see it c0lliding with everything around Spacedock.

Oh, did I mention I think it’s ugly? Yeah, it’s ugly.

On the other hand, the Romulan and Klingon counterparts have interesting, and much better looks. I’ve always leaned towards the biggest ship I can afford for my KDF main Gortusk, so the Klingon dreadnought kinda tickles my fancy.



That being said, these ships are only going to be available through limited time R&D gamble boxes — same deal as the JJ-verse ships last year. Which means they’re going to be uber-expensive on the exchange, and in all likelihood out of my price range.

Size-issues aside, the Enterprise-J as a flyable ship continues Cryptic’s trend of bringing future ships into the game universe. As in-game lore goes, this is absolutely ridiculous — I guess that’s throwing the Temporal Accords completely out the window (after defacing, shredding and burning the document) because THE HELL WITH TIMELINE PRESERVATION!! WE’RE GUNNA BRING BACK ALL SORTS OF TECHNOLOGY FROM THE FUTURE CUZ WHY NOT LOL. Never mind the implications of what this means to current scientific research, exploration and technological development — everything can stop because all that knowledge is now readily available from the future, neatly packaged up in temporal paradoxes. Compared to when I started playing STO, the game universe has pretty much had a complete collapse in its internal consistency.

So yeah, not a fan of the trend STO has been on. Also, did I mention the Enterprise-J is ugly?


17 thoughts on “Enterprise-LOLwot?

    1. The game’s written itself into a corner. After the entire arc with Noye and the temporal war, we are now the ones changing history willy-nilly. We are now the hypocritical bad guys.

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  1. “LOL what?!” was my reaction too. Looks like preserving the timeline is more or less meaningless now, with all these ships from all different eras and even alternate universes (looking at my Kelvin Connie and Vengeance). lol

    That Universe-class is probably as big as ESD itself. lol

    I do like that Romulan version tho. I’ve got half a mind to save up and get one for my Romulan alt, and christen it “Big Bird.” lol

    And yes, that Klingon version’s got Gortusk’s name written all over it (figuratively speaking). lol
    Maybe Congilla too.

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    1. You got yourself the Connie and Vengeance, huh? Must’ve set you back quite a bit!

      That Romulan one definitely looks the best – I can almost forgive the Klingon and Romulan versions because I can pretend they are not from the future. Can’t do it with the Enterprise-J.

      Congilla’s pretty happy in his Bird-of-Prey; that ship is really quite fun to fly. Like I said though, don’t think I can afford these ships anyway so it’s kinda a moot point.

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      1. Yeah, what I did was I bought some of those promo R&D boxes back when that 50th anniversary event was going on, then held onto them and waited a while. Then I sold those boxes on the exchange and made over half a billion EC. I combined that with the EC I’d gotten from selling some keys I still had, plus some stuff that I’d crafted and sold (mostly tech upgrades), and had more than enough. It took a while, but I stuck with it and kept watching the prices of those ships on the exchange.

        Eventually I found a KT Connie for 385M EC and a Vengeance for 285M EC, back when those were considered very good deals for them (those were the best prices for them at that time). So I snapped them up before anyone else did. And with the change left over I still had enough EC to buy gear and upgrades for them. Those are my main ships now, especially my Kelvin Connie. I like my Vengeance too, but for some reason I just enjoy flying the KT Connie more, so it’s my main ship that I use nowadays. So those two ships are mainly why I’m so space-broke now. lol But they were worth it. I love my KT Connie. 🙂 I just wish it had the full interior and not just the bridge only, but I guess we can’t have everything.

        I’m still saving up for the D4X for Kai, my KDF alt. That won’t be cheap either.


      2. Oh nice. I still have a bunch of the last R&D promo boxes in my inventory, they were slowly climbing up in value until Cryptic reoffered the boxes and the price crashed. Oh well! Haven’t checked recently, but I’m sure I can afford either a Vengeance or a Konnie now if I wanted. Not both though.

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  2. Well, I won’t presume to tell you how you should spend your EC or dil or whatever in the game, but… tbh if I were in your position there, I’d go for the Kelvin Connie, simply because it’s so much harder to get and the Vengeance is in the lobi store so it’s not really going anywhere. But the Kelvin Connie could conceivably get even rarer and the price could go up quite a bit again.

    In my experience with both ships, both are freaking awesome and I do love them both. They each have their unique characteristics that I really enjoy. The Vengeance can tank all day _and_ it’s an absolute DPS monster. And it can cloak without any need for a special cloaking device console, plus it can function as a carrier with those nasty little assault drones. It’s my big black sinister-looking flying weapon. I love it. I switch to it for certain missions when sheer destructive capability is of paramount importance, when I need things killed like… immediately. lol

    But I tend to gravitate more toward my Kelvin Connie more. I don’t know why. I just enjoy flying it that _little_ bit more. It’s got some of the most flexible boff seating I’ve ever seen, it’s tanky as hell (my Kelvin Connie currently has 102K hp, only about 1K behind my Vengeance which has 103K), and it’s actually pretty fast and maneuverable for a ship that size, especially with the gear I’ve got on it. So it’s my main ship with all my best gear on it. I freaking love that thing. 🙂

    So it’s up to you, and I say you can’t go wrong with either of them. On that note, you mentioned that Cong’s style is more BoPs/raiders (heh! He and Kai, my KDF alt would get along nicely). So if you’ve got the EC for one of those ships on the exchange alternatively you could go for the D4X (340M on the exchange, last I checked). That’ll be Kai’s next ship. Then I’ll have all the Kelvin Timeline ships except the T’laru carrier, but I’m not that into that ship (Falco, my Rom alt, is more of a raider guy like Kai anyway). I already have the full 4-piece Kelvin set so I don’t need it for that either.


  3. Reblogged this on Conversations with the Lootcritter and commented:
    Lootcritter here: While I get situated in my new role, I don’t get to see the new release information in a timely fashion as I once did. Needless to say when I picked up my personal phone and saw this announcement – I seriously thought someone had accidentally posted the April Fools Joke a few weeks early. After the shock wore off – I shook my head and wondered what could possibly come next? The E-J was the first canon ship I disliked with a passion – it looked rushed and as it turns out – it was horribly rushed. The art team with STO have done their usual high-quality effort for each – they do look amazing. ZEFilms did an even more impressive job – and frankly, they really need to include moving images in their product announcements.

    But I’m starting to wonder – what the heck is next? The canon well of ships is starting to run a little dry, and STOHeidy’s observations are accurate as hell.

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    1. Thanks for vouching for my observations — and glad that I’m not alone in my dislike of this trend.

      What next? Like Fungi said, Borg Cubes are just about the only thing left….


      1. Completely agree – I don’t have the free time to blog reviews (at least for the next month) but I might do something in the state of the game.


  4. Stats are now out and it is a hodgepodge. It’s got 4/4 weapons AND 2 hanger bays with what look to be top tier pets, an inherent team buff, a lance, a turn rate of 5 deg/s, mediocre seating and decent console slots.

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