Into the Heart of Thorns

I’ve been gradually making my way through the world of Tyria with my various toons, and recently made some headway into the Heart of Thorns expansion area. The maps that came with the expansion are noteworthy because they play so differently than the rest of the GW2 maps, which I find is interesting from a game design perspective.

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More Phoenix Prizes… what happened to Dilex?

In case you’re like me and haven’t been checking STO lately, another round of Phoenix Prizes are now on in-game. These are the packs that give you a chance to earn some old prizes that are no longer available, including event ships you might have missed, Admiralty cards and various goodies; even if you don’t need any of those, you can still cash these into Phoenix Upgrade packs so they’re a pretty good….


…what the hell happened to the Dilithium Exchange rate? 200-1??? This is like a stock market collapse!

Anywho! Even if you have no plans or interest in buying these Phoenix packs at 4500 Dilithium apiece, make sure to talk to Grym at Drozana or Onna at DS9; each day until Monday you can talk to one of those and get a Phoenix Pack for free. Never leave free money on the table!